Appointments at EPFL

Appointments at EPFL

08.12.15 - The Board of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology has announced the appointment of four professors at EPFL.

Jürgen Brugger as Full Professor of Microtechnology in the School of Engineering (STI) Jürgen Brugger is an innovator in the field of microsystems. His research focuses in particular on microand nano-manufacturing techniques as well as on the integration of novel functional materials such as microlenses and conductive inks into the latest generation of microsystems. The results of his research have been applied, for instance, to the development of ultramodern drop-on-demand inkjet printers and implantable biodegradable medical devices.

François Gallaire as Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering (STI) François Gallaire is an internationally recognised researcher in the area of fluid mechanics. His fields of activity include the modelling of microfluidics, the control of unstable flows and the dynamics of turbulence. Combining numerical simulation-based theoretical modelling with novel experiments, his research yields exceptionally interesting results of value for practical application.

João Penedones, currently a research associate at the University of Porto, as Tenure Track Assistant Professor for Theoretical Physics in the School of Basic Sciences (SB) João Penedones is a frequently cited high energy physicist. He represents a new generation of researchers in his field who are vigorously addressing questions concerning conformal field theories and Maldacena duality, one of the most significant discoveries in theoretical physics in recent decades.

Alec Wodtke, Full Professor at the University of Göttingen and Director at the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen, as Adjunct Professor at EPFL in the School of Basic Sciences (SB) Alec Wodtke is one of the world’s leading researchers engaged in the experimental investigation of the dynamics of surface reactions. He is a member of the Board of the Max Planck-EPFL Center for Molecular Nanoscience and Technology and Co-Director of one of the Center’s projects.

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