CeNTech convinces as a "public-private partnership" institution

Ultrahigh vacuum system for research at CeNTech  © CeNTech

Ultrahigh vacuum system for research at CeNTech © CeNTech

According to current statistics from the journal "Nature", the Center for Nanotechnology (CeNTech), a joint institution of the University of Münster and the City of Münster, is the second most powerful "public-private partnership" institution in high-tech research worldwide. So-called public-private partnerships are firm collaborations between public institutions and private companies. The "Bilateral Collaboration Score" was determined for the statistics. It is derived by summing the shares from articles with authors from the participating institutions. The Samsung Group in South Korea ranks first.

"The ranking shows that the CeNTech as an interdisciplinary scientific platform with its integrated incubator function for new spin-offs is not only unique in Germany to this day, but is now also gaining worldwide attention as a high-ranking research institution beyond the nano-science community," emphasizes Harald Fuchs, scientific director of the CeNTech.

Since 2003, the centre has provided scientists with an infrastructure for direct and interdisciplinary cooperation in chemistry, physics, biology and medicine. In addition to application-oriented basic research, 18 new companies and settlements have been established or are currently being established since the opening of the centre.

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