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Health - Economics - 09:21
TGA review strengthens case for much tighter vape restrictions at the border
The goal is to make nicotine vaping products solely available to people trying to quit smoking Associate Professor Becky Freeman from the Faculty of Medicine and Health and the Charles Perkins Centre

Economics - Environment - 27.03.2023

Economics - Environment - 23.03.2023
Solving global sustainability challenges, locally
Two deep tech companies, developed out of University of Waterloo research, launch beyond Velocity By Naomi Grosman Velocity The region's tech startup roots have deepened further now that two companies, Halion and H2nanO , have launched out of Velocity and into their own lab spaces.

Environment - Economics - 23.03.2023
MIT Center for Real Estate advances climate and sustainable real estate research agenda
Projects, publications, and academia-industry networks produce pathways for the real estate industry to address the climate crisis.

Innovation - Economics - 21.03.2023
Two University start-ups included in leading European list of young tech spinout companies
Two start-up businesses from The University of Manchester Innovation Factory have been named in a top ten of 'university spinouts to watch'.

Environment - Economics - 21.03.2023
Few repair their cell phones or buy them used
Few repair their cell phones or buy them used
Most people buy a new cell phone every three years, even though the old one still works or could be repaired.

Economics - 21.03.2023
Smashing the avocado myth: cutting brunch won’t pay home deposit
According to new research led by researchers in the University of Sydney's School of Architecture, Design and Planning, saving on 'smashed avocado' brunches and other lifestyle options won't cut it for young people saving for their first home, even for those on a moderate income.

Economics - Innovation - 17.03.2023
Learning to 'sell' a prototype designed in just a few weeks
Learning to ’sell’ a prototype designed in just a few weeks
For the last four years at EPFL, a Master's course jointly run by the College of Management of Technology and the School of Engineering has been winning over students seeking a course that meets the needs of local industry.

Economics - 16.03.2023
Subversive crime through high-value unique goods
Crimes involving high-value unique goods, such as luxury items and works of art, have evolved in one surprising way: where the lure for criminals once lay in stealing or forging such objects, it now

Economics - 15.03.2023
UK businesses facing increased costs and supply chain issues in post-Brexit system - new from UKTPO
New analysis released today (Wednesday 15 March, 2023) by the University of Sussex's UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) , reveals that UK businesses are struggling with increased costs, labour and skill issues and supply shortages and issues following the UK's departure from the European Union.

Environment - Economics - 15.03.2023
HSLU develops sustainability program for tourism destinations
HSLU develops sustainability program for tourism destinations
The sustainability program Swisstainable for Swiss tourism has been growing continuously since its launch two years ago: Meanwhile, more than 1,700 tourism businesses from all over Switzerland are already committed to sustainable development with concrete measures.

Physics - Economics - 15.03.2023
If AUKUS is all about nuclear submarines, how can it comply with nuclear non-proliferation treaties?
If AUKUS is all about nuclear submarines, how can it comply with nuclear non-proliferation treaties?
Lauren Sanders , The University of Queensland The issue of nuclear non-proliferation is back in the headlines, thanks to details announced yesterday at a US navy base of a deal involving Australia's purchase of nuclear submarines.

Economics - 14.03.2023
After SVB failure, Haas faculty warn of systemic weaknesses in banking
As repercussions from the stunning collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) continue to ripple through the banking industry, we asked Haas experts for their views on where the system broke down and whether there may be broader trouble viewing.

Economics - Career - 14.03.2023
Even in small businesses, minimum wage hikes don’t cause job losses
Many small businesses fear that higher minimum wages will force them to lose profits or cut jobs. But new research co-authored at UC Berkeley finds that costs can be passed to customers with little impact on business - and considerable benefit for workers.

Economics - 13.03.2023
Velocity company Vessl Prosthetics sees inclusion as key to product design
Company working with amputees to make 'a fulfilling life more comfortable' By Jon Parsons University Relations A Velocity health-technology startup is designing a new kind of self-adjusting socket for prosthetics.

Economics - 13.03.2023
Consumer protection in spotlight as Week of the Consumer opens at VUB
Ahead of International Day of the Consumer on 15 March, secretary of state for consumer protection Alexia Bertrand kicked off a week of events at VUB highlighting consumer rights.

Economics - 08.03.2023
’Unable to identify a path forward’
Self-driving trucking firm started by former engineering students now winding down operations By Brian Caldwell Faculty of Engineering Sixteen months after soaring into the public realm with a market

Architecture - Economics - 07.03.2023
Monograph on Le Cèdre, a jewel of Swiss architecture
Monograph on Le Cèdre, a jewel of Swiss architecture
The headquarters of Vaudoise Insurance in Lausanne, designed by Swiss architect Jean Tschumi, is the subject of a detailed monument study to guide restoration work.

Economics - Materials Science - 03.03.2023
Haydale and GEIC Proud to Partner for a Sixth Year
Haydale and The University of Manchester's Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) are delighted to have signed an extension to their partnership that will see the global technology solutions company remain a Tier 1 Partner for a sixth year.

Economics - Environment - 02.03.2023
Switzerland wants a circular economy - but not to share products
ETH Zurich political science researchers reveal that Swiss people are in favour of the circular economy and support measures to promote it. However, their personal willingness to contribute is low. Reuse, share, collect and recycle - in times of faltering supply chains, circular economies are in great demand.

Economics - 02.03.2023
How debit cards helped Indonesia’s poor get more food
Replacing rice-bag delivery with digital card vouchers helps recipients get their intended supplies, researchers report. Close For many years, the Indonesian government's food aid program sent bags of rice to villages, where local leaders were supposed to distribute them to poor residents every month.

Environment - Economics - 28.02.2023
Policymakers in Singapore should act to overcome climate adaptation shortcomings
Far-reaching interventions are needed to overcome shortcomings in Singapore's approach to climate adaptation projects.

Economics - Career - 22.02.2023
Made-to-order career advice
Made-to-order career advice
Made-to-order career advice from Yum Brands CEO and Hopkins alum David Gibbs Gibbs didn't have a master plan when he left Homewood.
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