Het recht van de snelste

Marco te Brömmelstroet is Professor of Urban Mobility Futures. He recently published the book ’Het recht van de snelste’ together with journalist Thalia Verkade.

Marco wrote the academic background ’Mobility Language Matters’ for the book. Her, he answers questions such as: how do we move; how does it shape us; and how has our thinking changed over time?

’Mobility Language Matters’ can be read and dowloaded here.

The book: Het recht van de snelste

Thalia and Marco look for an answer to that one important question: who owns the street? They discover that traffic has taken over our public space - and they show that a completely different design is possible.

About Marco te Brömmelstroet

Marco is the founding academic director of the Urban Cycling Institute that is a part of the Centre for Urban Studies. The Institute leads research into the reciprocal relations between cycling, society and cities and is also actively involved in international dissemination of Dutch cycling knowledge.

Podcast Stuk Rood Vlees

Armen Hakhverdian from Stuk Rood Vlees recorded a podcast with Marco: Hoe de auto onze openbare ruimte kwam te domineren (in Dutch).

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Urban Planning

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