How can creative disciplines bring urban communities together?

The University of Sydney’s Footbridge Gallery, a digital shared space, will host a sound and musical performance and interdisciplinary panel event to explore what role creative disciplines play in bringing urban communities together.

The Gallery is a new space for showcasing dynamic, experimental content by artists, including staff and students, pioneering the emerging model of urban galleries proliferating around the globe bringing together creatives from many disciplines and communities.

As part of the University’s Innovation Week , the outdoor gallery will showcase a range of installations, including Vivid Sydney’s Woodie the robot , and a panel event.

Moderated by City of Sydney Councilor Jess Scully, the interdisciplinary panel will discuss the role of creative disciplines in bringing urban communities together, driving conversations and nurturing a sense of place.

With backgrounds ranging from music composition to sculpture, digital design and performance arts, panelists will explore how sharing creative and innovative research in the arts can contribute to learning, civic debate, a sense of ownership and community engagement. 

"There is something very empowering about the act of creating together and showing that in a public space," said Dr Luke Hespanol , Lecturer in Design, School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Creative disciplines can be very effective in providing a common ground and level playing field for contribution by people from all different walks of life. Expressing them in public adds to the collective story of the community and its relationship to place.

"Everyone appreciates ingenuity and beautiful environments that tell their stories, it’s an acknowledgement about the community’s existence and importance.

"I look forward to having this discussion with my fellow panel members - how can we help design new open public spaces that can accommodate that kind of dialogue, while still nurturing mutual respect and care? Is it too utopian? I don’t think so, but definitely challenging - and that is where innovation needs to come from."

Dr  Daniel Blinkhorn , Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Dr  Luke Hespanhol , Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning

Associate Professor  Ian Maxwell , Department of Theatre and Performance Studies

Dr  Sanne Mestrom , Sydney College of the Arts

The Footbridge Gallery is the brainchild of  Dr Luke Hespanhol  and  Associate Professor Martin Tomitsch  from the University’s  School of Architecture, Design and Planning  who worked together at the  Design Lab , an interdisciplinary research group that explores interactions between people and digital technologies.

Thursday 22 August 2019

Panel discussion: 4.30pm
Live event: 5.30pm-9pm with performance, artworks, and DJ.

This event is brought to you by The University of Sydney and sponsored by StrongLED Lighting Systems

As part of Innovation Week 2019 celebrations, Sydney Conservatorium of Music student, Christine Pan joins the dots between music and science through a new composition influenced by quantum theory.

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The University of Sydney has launched the Footbridge Gallery, a digital placemaking area embedded in the landscape of the University using light, sound and music to create an open, shared space.

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