Hub Zwart reappointed Dean Erasmus School of Philosophy

The Executive Board of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) has reappointed Prof. Hub Zwart as Dean of the Erasmus School of Philosophy. Zwart’ second term starts on 1 October 2022 and runs until 30 September 2026. The reappointment came about after hearing the Faculty Council.

The Executive Board and the Faculty Council greatly appreciate the way Hub Zwart has led Erasmus School of Philosophy in recent years. Rector Magnificus Annelien Bredenoord is very pleased that Hub Zwart wishes to continue his work as dean for another term. "Hub Zwart is an experienced administrator who has worked very constructively in recent years to create a distinctive Erasmus School of Philosophy. He has succeeded in taking a new path with the faculty in terms of content, and in addition he is very active for the entire university, for example in honours education. Research and education with positive societal impact," says Annelien Bredenoord, Rector Magnificus of EUR.

Particularly important now that philosophy represents the voice of reason

Hub Zwart is very pleased with his reappointment: "The EUR brings science and society closer together and it is exciting and honorable to be able to contribute to this both from our philosophy faculty and as a member of our Board of Deans. Especially now that our global world is in crisis, it is important for philosophy to speak out on behalf of reason and to develop perspectives for action in consultation with other disciplines. I see this as a learning experience that also inevitably challenges and changes science itself."

About Hub Zwart

Zwart’s research is concerned with scientific developments that call for philosophical reflection and shed new light on fundamental conceptions of nature, life, knowledge, technology and human existence. According to Zwart, it is the task of philosophy to develop approaches and concepts to place these issues in a broader perspective.

Hub Zwart studied psychology and philosophy at Radboud University. In 1993 he received his PhD in philosophy cum laude at Nijmegen University. Among other things, Zwart was a researcher at the Centre for Bio-Ethics (Maastricht) before becoming a professor in 2000. He initiated a master track Science in Society at his department and was scientific director of the Centre for Society & Genomics. He also founded the Institute for Science in Society (ISiS), of which he was director since 2005. Among other things, Zwart is editor-in-chief of the Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy and author of fourteen books.

(Hub) HAE Zwart

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