IDeATe Explores the Meaning in Randomness

Jorge Louis Borges’ short story "The Library of Babel," inspired Carnegie Mellon University’s IDeATe students’ "Every Possible Utterance," an evening of art, technology and engineering that incorporated sculpture, musicians and performers. The event occured at MuseumLab , formerly known as the Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny.

Audience members explore the installations of "Every Possible Utterance" on the first floor of the MuseumLab.
Audience members interact with exercise balls which in turn alter the sounds coming from the speakers.
Audience members walk past a green screen where a camera takes video of their movements and randomly pieces it together into a video collage.
The audience wanders in the MuseumLab’s stacks as musicians perform above them in a netting of rope.
The audience listens as musicians perform in a netting of rope above them as they wander below in the MuseumLab’s stacks.
An artist sits behind a curtain performing tasks that are shown on screens throughout the space.

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