IUF 2023: three new members at ENS de Lyon

Congratulations to Samuel Angiboust (geology), Anne Benoit (computer science) and Grégory Miermont (mathematics), as well as to the alumni nominated.

At the end of May 2023, the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF, Academic Institute of France) unveiled the list of members appointed as of 1 October 2023, for a period of 5 years. Among the 200 new members (100 Juniors and 100 seniors) are three teacher-researchers and twwelve alumni from ENS de Lyon.
  • Named Junior Member, laureate in the Fundamental Chair category
  • Professor, director of the Earth Sciences Department at ENS de Lyon
  • Affiliated to the Laboratory of Geology of Lyon: Earth, Planets, Environment (LGL-TPE, CNRS/ENS de Lyon/Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University)

Samuel Angiboust is recruted at ENS de Lyon in 2021. His current work aims to understand the physical and petrological processes at work at the base of large subduction zone earthquakes, combining field geology, microscopic observations on natural samples and thermo-mechanical modeling.

The IUF will enable me to focus my attention on a multidisciplinary project that is close to my heart. It is also an important step in my career, because an international jury recognized the importance of my research theme and encouraged it by appointing me as a junior member of this institution. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to finance research internship projects for students, thanks to the financial support offered by the IUF.

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  • Named Senior Member, laureate in the Fundamental Chair category
  • Associate Professor, director of the Computer Science Department at ENS de Lyon
  • Affiliated to the Parallel Computation Laboratory (LIP, CNRS/ENS de Lyon/Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University/Inria)

Anne Benoit joins ENS de Lyon in 2005. Her research theme focuses on multi-criteria scheduling algorithms for high-performance computing (HPC). She designs multi-criteria optimization algorithms that guarantee the efficient use of platforms, and resilient protocols. She has been named Junior Member of IUF in 2009.

It’s a great honor to have been appointed IUF Senior, 9 years after the end of IUF Junior delegation. The exemption from lecturing will enable me to resume my research activity and carry out my research project through vigorous and flexible scheduling on large-scale platforms. I am very happy with this new position!

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  • Named Senior Member, laureate in the Fundamental Chair category
  • Professor at the Mathematics Department at ENS de Lyon
  • Affiliated to the Pure and Applied Mathematics Unit (UMPA, (CNRS/ENS de Lyon/Inria)

Grégory Miermont is recruited by the ENS de Lyon in 2012. Specialist in probability theory, he is particularly interested in the geometric properties of the continuous boundaries of large random combinatorial objects (trees, graphs, maps, permutations), often inspired by fields related to mathematics, such as theoretical physics, computer science, or biology. he has been named Junior Member of IUF in 2013.

It is with great joy that I have been appointed to IUF, and I would like to thank the colleagues who have placed their trust in me. I intend to use this time to fully explore research initiated with Jérémie Bouttier and Emmanuel Guitter (CEA Saclay), and to encourage new scientific collaborations. I hope to contribute to nourishing the already exceptional scientific environment that I benefit from at ENS de Lyon.

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Berger Quentin , Associate Professor of Mathematics, Sorbonne University
Doctoral candidate at the ENS de Lyon Physics Laboratory from 2009 to 2012

Alix Deruelle , Associate Professor of Mathematics, Sorbonne University
2006 Sciences competitive exam

Camille Gerzaguet , Associate Professor of Latin Language and Literature, Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University
2005 Letters competitive exam

Aurélie Godet , Associate Professor of American History, Nantes Université
2000 Letters competitive exam

Sylvain Lesage , Associate Professor of Visual History, Université de Lille
2003 Letters competitive exam

Marjorie Meiss , Associate Professor of Modern History, Université de Lille
2001 Letters competitive exam

Caroline Pollentier , Associate Professor in English Literature, Sorbonne Nouvelle
2002 Letters competitive exam

Jacques Marteau , Associate Professor of Physics, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University
1993 Sciences competitive exam

Clarisse Berthezčne , Professor of Contemporary British History, Université Paris Cité
1993 Letters competitive exam

Ariane Mézard , Professor of Mathematics, Sorbonne University
1992 Sciences competitive exam

Judith Revel , Professor of Contemporary Philosophy, University Paris Nanterre
1986 Letters competitive exam

Gilles Zémor , Professor of Mathematics, University of Bordeaux
1982 Sciences competitive exam