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Administration - Mathematics - 27.09.2018
Excellence Strategy: Major success for the University of Münster: Two applications approved / Münster still in the running for
Excellence Strategy: Major success for the University of Münster: Two applications approved / Münster still in the running for "University of Excellence" title
A decision has been reached in the first funding line, "Cluster of Excellence", in the Excellence Strategy being pursued by the national and state governments in Germany.

Mathematics - Astronomy / Space Science - 27.09.2018
Breaking ground with Grace
Grace Wahba was the first female faculty member in the Department of Statistics at UW-Madison. Her career there lasted 51 years, ending with her retirement in August 2018.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 11.09.2018
AI experts from Imperial and France reveal exciting applications for healthcare
The world's top AI and machine learning experts from fields such as big data, healthcare and neurotechnology showcased their research yesterday.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 11.09.2018
Marc Snir, Israeli-American Professor of Computer Science
Doctor Honoris causa of ENS de Lyon, November 9, 2018 Biography Marc Snir is currently Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) in the United States.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 06.09.2018
Computer science pioneer Zohar Manna dies
Zohar Manna, who pioneered theoretical computer science techniques that today help form the basis for artificial intelligence and for reliable software, died at his home in Israel.

Innovation - Mathematics - 17.08.2018
New AI camera could revolutionize autonomous vehicles
Stanford engineers combine two types of computers to create a faster and less energy-intensive image processor for use in autonomous vehicles, security cameras and medical devices.

Research Management - Mathematics - 16.08.2018
TUM among world's top-50 universities
TUM among world’s top-50 universities
TUM in Rankings In this year's Shanghai Ranking, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is ranked 48th.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 16.08.2018
New research predicts landslide boundaries two weeks before they happen
University of Melbourne researchers have  developed a software tool  that uses applied mathematics and big data analytics to predict the boundary of where a landslide will occur, two weeks in advance.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 15.08.2018
"Moments of true insight make all the apparently fruitless hours worthwhile": Münster mathematicians Dr. Franziska Jahnke and Dr. Mira Schedensack talk about their work
Hours of contemplation, approaching a solution in small steps, and a healthy scepticism towards computer-generated results. In these guest articles, two mathematicians at the University of Münster, Dr. Franziska Jahnke und Dr. Mira Schedensack , explain what mathematical research means to them and what the aim of this research is.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 15.08.2018
Design tool reveals a product's many possible performance tradeoffs
Design tool reveals a product’s many possible performance tradeoffs
Users can quickly visualize designs that optimize multiple parameters at once. MIT researchers have developed a tool that makes it much easier and more efficient to explore the many compromises that come with designing new products. Designing any product - from complex car parts down to workaday objects such as wrenches and lamp stands - is a balancing act with conflicting performance tradeoffs.

Mathematics - Event - 09.08.2018

Mathematics - Computer Science - 06.08.2018
Realistic sounds for computer animation
By computing pressure waves cast off by rapidly moving and vibrating surfaces - such as a cymbal - a new sound synthesis system developed by Stanford researchers can automatically render realistic sound for computer animations.

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Mathematics - Event - 01.08.2018

Mathematics - Event - 01.08.2018
CNRS congratulates Alessio Figalli, winner of the 2018 Fields Medal
CNRS congratulates Alessio Figalli, winner of the 2018 Fields Medal
Held every four years, the International Congress of Mathematicians is the most important scientific event in the discipline.

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Health - Mathematics - 27.07.2018
Bridging Pharmacy and Mathematics
No 203/2018 from Jul 27, 2018 A doctoral training program bridging pharmacy and mathematics, PharMetrX - Pharmacometrics & Computational Disease Modeling , is accepting applicants for the new term.

Health - Mathematics - 26.07.2018
Dixit, Frenkel, and Spiegelman appointed to endowed chairs
Three Yale faculty members - Vishwa Deep Dixit, Igor Frenkel, and Donna Spiegelman - were appointed to endowed professorships.

Sport - Mathematics - 24.07.2018
New video game teaches teens about electricity
A new video game, designed by researchers at the University of Cambridge, gives teenagers an understanding of electricity by solving a series of puzzles in a bid to encourage more of them to study engineering at university.

Career - Mathematics - 20.07.2018

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Mathematics - 06.07.2018
City size plays crucial role in migration patterns
People from smaller cities are more likely to migrate than people from larger cities, according to a new study by UCL academics.

Mathematics - 07.06.2018
Cohabitees more likely to separate
Introduction: UAntwerp scientists carried out in-depth study of 'invisible wave of separations' and conclude: couples who do not marry tend to split up much more quickly.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 31.05.2018
Device allows a personal computer to process huge graphs
Device allows a personal computer to process huge graphs
In data-science parlance, graphs are structures of nodes and connecting lines that are used to map scores of complex data relationships. Analyzing graphs is useful for a broad range of applications, such as ranking webpages, analyzing social networks for political insights, or plotting neuron structures in the brain.

Mathematics - Administration - 30.05.2018
New research institute to transform mathematics in Australia
A new maths institute will be established at the University of Sydney thanks to a $5 million donation.

Mathematics - Event - 29.05.2018
Sir Andrew Wiles appointed first Regius Professor of Mathematics at Oxford
Oxford mathematician Sir Andrew Wiles, renowned for his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, has been appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to be Oxford's first Regius Professor of Mathematics.

Mathematics - 25.05.2018

Computer Science - Mathematics - 22.05.2018
Making driverless cars change lanes more like human drivers do
Making driverless cars change lanes more like human drivers do
In the field of self-driving cars, algorithms for controlling lane changes are an important topic of study.

Innovation - Mathematics - 18.05.2018

Mathematics - 16.05.2018

Health - Mathematics - 11.05.2018
Simulations, Sensors Provide Insight into Health of Transportation Infrastructure
Carnegie Mellon University researchers are working across many disciplines to create technologies that will improve and extend the life of transportation infrastructure. Researchers in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) are leaders in indirect structural health monitoring, or developing a low-cost, low-maintenance approach in which vehicles use sensors to indirectly monitor roadways, railways and bridges while traveling.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 07.05.2018
For scientist studying turbulence, the sky is the limit
For News Media FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 5/7/18 Beyond superstorms, understanding the dynamics of swirling fluids could help engineers improve everything from airplane wings to artificial organs - even predicting the weather.

Life Sciences - Mathematics - 07.05.2018
Protecting confidentiality in genomic studies
Protecting confidentiality in genomic studies
Genome-wide association studies, which look for links between particular genetic variants and incidence of disease, are the basis of much modern biomedical research.