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Media - 12.09.2010
Comfort using cell phones could determine civic, political engagement
ANN ARBOR, Mich.—If you use your cell phone to talk about news of the day or to express opinions about issues, you are more likely to be civically and politically engaged, a new study says. "The mobile phone is really expanding in terms of its use in ways that appear to foster connection to civic and political life," said Scott Campbell, an assistant professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan and study's lead author.

Media - Economics / Business - 09.09.2010
U-M experts for midterm elections coverage
ANN ARBOR, Mich.—The University of Michigan has experts available to discuss voting behavior, voting patterns, and other aspects of the coming midterm elections.

History / Archeology - Media - 07.09.2010
Wikipedia, if it were run by academic experts, would look like this
Students, here's an Internet site you can footnote. The entries in the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy are written by leading experts and vetted by others before they appear.

Media - Administration - 26.08.2010
Journalism Fellows Showcase the Many Dimensions of Aging in America
Ten reporters have spent this summer at Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism producing a series of in-depth multimedia reports on the elderly, depicting the complex dimensions of aging. The reporters are fellows of News21 , a national program that supports new forms of reporting and investigative journalism.

Media - 24.08.2010
Bloggers are least trusted media, research shows
AUSTIN, Texas — Independent bloggers represent the least trusted media type and are the most likely to be turned down for press pass requests, according to the first academic study to assess the sentiments of media-credentialing executives in sports organizations toward new media coverage. Traditional media outlets, including local TV, radio and newspapers, followed by national sports magazines and newspapers, earned the most trust — and press passes — while online channels earned the least trust.

Law - Media - 29.07.2010
Paul Keating to speak on privacy in the age of new media
Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating will consider the issue of privacy in the age of new media in a lecture hosted by the University of Melbourne's Centre for Advanced Journalism next Wednesday 4 August.

Health - Media - 30.06.2010
Does the public always know best?
Does the public always know best?
An open forum examining whether society has become too obsessed with a "radio phone-in culture" in which the views of the public always come first will take place at the University of Cambridge this week.

Media - Administration - 02.06.2010
New student magazine offers eclectic mix of literary and artistic work
New student magazine offers eclectic mix of literary and artistic work
A group of Stanford undergrads has successfully released the third issue of a new magazine, The Claw .

Media - 16.05.2010

Media - Life Sciences - 11.05.2010
After a Painful Loss, Graduate Begins New Career in Journalism
Four years ago, Artis Henderson was an Army wife living with her mother in Florida while waiting for her new husband to complete a tour in Iraq.

Media - Economics / Business - 05.05.2010
2010-11 Knight Journalism Fellows named
Twelve U.S. and eight international journalists have been awarded John S. Knight Fellowships to study at Stanford during the 2010-11 academic year. The selection includes the program's first journalists from Cuba and Armenia, and is the second group of Knight Fellows whose selection was guided by the program's new focus on journalism innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Media - 22.04.2010
McGill Expert Alert: Second British Election Debate Tonight
Foreign affairs are at the top of the agenda for the second televised UK leaders' debate between Gordon Brown (Labour), David Cameron (Conservative); and Nick Clegg (Liberal-Democrat).

Media - Event - 21.04.2010
Guardian's Emily Bell Named Director of Tow Center for Digital Journalism
Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism today announces that Emily Bell, Director of Digital Content for Britain's Guardian News and Media, has been named the Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism.

Media - Psychology - 21.04.2010
Disney Missed an Opportunity in Casting New "Aladdin"
When I was in high school, Disney released the animated feature film "Aladdin," and I was elated. Finally, I thought, a Middle Eastern princess.

Media - Computer Science - 06.04.2010
Columbia University Announces New Dual-Degree Master's Program in Journalism and Computer Science
Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science have announced plans to launch a dual-degree Master of Science Program in Computer Science and

Media - Social Sciences - 10.03.2010
Election 2010 under the microscope
Election 2010 under the microscope
PA 43/10 With the announcement of Britain's first Prime Ministerial debate between the three main parties, the focus on the general election is sharpening.

Media - 09.03.2010
Report puts electoral systems under the microscope
Report puts electoral systems under the microscope
With the prospect of a hung Parliament increasing, Oxford Professor Iain McLean has co-authored a timely report which examines the pros and cons of changing the British electoral system for electing MPs and asks what system should be used for an elected second chamber.

Event - Media - 07.03.2010
UCL student awarded major political science prize
UCL student awarded major political science prize
Laura Valentini (UCL Legal and Political Theory) has won the prestigious Sir Ernest Barker Prize of the UK Political Studies Association for Best Dissertation in Political Theory.

Media - 03.02.2010
"Berufungen an Universitäten " aktuelle Praxis und Reformempfehlungen für die Zukunft"
Berlin - Freie Universität Berlin Kommunikations- und Informationsstelle der Freien Universität Berlin Telefon: 030-838 73180 Telefax: 030-838 73187 E-Mail: kommunikationsstelle [a] fu-berlin (p) de Alle Ansprechpartner ' Nr.

Media - 26.01.2010
Europäisches Wissenschaftsparlament hat Schulen für die Tagung im März ausgewählt
Berlin - RWTH-Aachen Startseite > Einrichtungen > Verwaltung > Dezernat 3 - Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit > Pressemitteilungen der RWTH > Europäisches Wissenschaftsparlament hat Sch

Politics - Media - 06.01.2010
Einsteins Erben sollen sich mehr erklären
Zurich - University of Zurich Die Schweiz lässt sich ihre Forschung einiges kosten. Was erforscht wird, will erklärt und vermittelt sein, denn die Gesellschaft möchte verstehen, wofür sie bezahlt.

Law - Media - 04.01.2010
Law Professor to Share International Research with UM’s Miller Center for Judaic Studies
January 05, 2010 — Coral Gables — Ed Morgan will be a Visiting Research Fellow for the Spring semester at the University of Miami Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Judaic Studies.

Media - 21.12.2009

Health - Media - 01.12.2009
Doctor in the newsroom
UCL's Kate Mandeville went inside the newsroom during a hands-on placement with The Times to uncover the workings of science journalism.

Health - Media - 01.12.2009
Doctor in the newsroom
UCL's Kate Mandeville went inside the newsroom during a hands-on placement with The Times to uncover the workings of science journalism.

History / Archeology - Media - 04.05.2009
Mit moderner Logik die Welt verbessern
Zurich - University of Zurich Adrian Frey zeigt in seiner Dissertation, dass die Philosophie des so genannten Wiener Kreises – einer Gruppe von Philosophen und Wissenschaftstheoretikern – nur im kulturhistorischen Kontext zu verstehen ist.

Law - Media - 02.05.2009
News Source on Supreme Court, David Souter
Office of News and Information Johns Hopkins University 901 South Bond Street, Suite 540 Baltimore, Maryland 21231 Phone: 443-287-9960 | Fax: 443-287-9920 If you're looking for an expert to put the c
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