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Life Sciences - Philosophy - 28.10.2016
The Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body
All animal research at the University is overseen by the Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB), which consists of several committees.

Philosophy - Event - 19.10.2016

Economics - Philosophy - 18.10.2016
Nobel laureate speaks at TUM
Nobel laureate speaks at TUM
Termin American economist Vernon L. Smith will be speaking at TUM about "Adam Smith on Conduct and Rules: Trust Games; Emergence of Property ".

Philosophy - Economics - 14.10.2016
Robert J. Sternberg weighs in on ’What Universities Can Be’
Robert J. Sternberg, professor of human development - with a research program in intelligence, creativity, wisdom, thinking styles, leadership and ethics in Cornell's College of Human Ecology

Mathematics - Philosophy - 11.10.2016
It all adds up: Sundays + Math Mornings = a formula for fun
It all adds up: Sundays + Math Mornings = a formula for fun
The mathematical mind does not take weekends off. It is a way of looking at the world - its shapes, its patterns, its tendencies - that finds expression just as readily on a sleepy Sunday as any other day of the week.

Philosophy - 11.10.2016
’Why do older siblings do better on IQ tests than their younger counterparts?’ Oxford interview questions explained
The University of Oxford has released a set of sample questions from tutors who conduct Oxford s. Students applying for experimental psychology might be asked to speculate why research appears to show older siblings have higher IQs than their younger counterparts, while aspiring doctors might be asked to explain why the death rate from cancer is so much higher in the UK than in the Philippines.

Linguistics / Literature - Philosophy - 07.10.2016

Administration - Philosophy - 06.10.2016
Why Psychology Suggests Trump Wont Be Transparent
Transparency has been a buzz word ever since President Barack Obama was criticized for running one of the most secretive administrations ever.

Economics - Philosophy - 03.10.2016

Computer Science - Philosophy - 28.09.2016
"There will always be a place for humans"
In line with the current Semester Question "How are we living in the digital future?", the philosopher Mark Coeckelbergh addresses with his research the cause and effects of digitisation entering our lives.

Religions - Philosophy - 23.09.2016
Illinois religion professor looks at Jewish theology of protest in new book
Illinois religion professor looks at Jewish theology of protest in new book
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — If God is seen as infallible and morally perfect, how can that view be reconciled with the portrayals of a wrathful God in the Old Testament? The rabbis of ancient Judaism expressed their uncertainty by arguing with God.

Philosophy - Religions - 05.09.2016

Philosophy - 05.09.2016
UCL Academy earns successful Ofsted report
The UCL Academy has achieved 'good' in all key areas in its latest Ofsted inspection and several aspects of the school's work have been identified as outstanding.

Economics - Philosophy - 02.09.2016
Wealth is Not a Reflection of Being "Smart"
Donald Trump's recent resistance to cut ties with his personal businesses suggests that he is unconcerned by the appearance that he may benefit financially from being president of the United States.

Sport - Philosophy - 12.08.2016
Aesthetics over athletics when it comes to women in sport
Men are two to three times more likely than women to be mentioned when it comes to discussing sport and sporting achievement, according to new research by language experts at Cambridge University Press. Women get far less airtime than men and their physical appearance and personal lives are frequently mentioned.

Philosophy - Environment - 10.08.2016
Where the river meets the sea: the making of ethical decisions
What is our place in the natural world - and how do we feel about the scientific advances that are changing the way we live?  In her book Making a Good Life , Dr Katharine Dow explores the ethics of

Philosophy - Life Sciences - 20.07.2016
Seeking big answers
As a PhD student in philosophy, Rebecca Millsop is working on doctoral research that's a little different than most at MIT.

Economics - Philosophy - 14.07.2016

Philosophy - Astronomy / Space Science - 11.07.2016
Opinion: Brexistentialism: Britain, the drop out nation in crisis, meets Jean-Paul Sartre
Andy Martin (Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages) discusses existentialism and the EU referendum.

Health - Philosophy - 06.07.2016
Dementia research and treatment boosted as unique collaboration announced
Dementia research and treatment boosted as unique collaboration announced
Internationally renowned Professor Julian Hughes is announced as the first RICE Professor of Old Age Psychiatry in a collaboration between The Research Institute for the Care of Older People (RICE), the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust (RUH) and the University of Bristol.

Religions - Philosophy - 30.06.2016
Leading theologians urge the Church of England to celebrate same-sex relationships
Leading theologians have called on the Church of England to recognise and celebrate same-sex relationships at its forthcoming General Synod, warning that to take a hard line on the subject would be "suicidal".

Philosophy - 23.06.2016
Driverless cars: Who gets protected?
Driverless cars: Who gets protected?
Driverless cars pose a quandary when it comes to safety. These autonomous vehicles are programmed with a set of safety rules, and it is not hard to construct a scenario in which those rules come into conflict with each other. Suppose a driverless car must either hit a pedestrian or swerve in such a way that it crashes and harms its passengers.

Life Sciences - Philosophy - 22.06.2016
Brainwave tech sweeps from labs to classrooms
Sensors stitched into a cap pick up the brain's electrical activity, providing researchers with real-time information on how the brain reacts to various situations.

Politics - Philosophy - 27.05.2016
Prof. Martha Nussbaum book examines the trouble with anger and forgiveness
Americans are living in a culture of outrage, one fueled by the belief that anger and retribution are central to achieving justice, political change and power.

Philosophy - History / Archeology - 16.05.2016
Renaissance Society and Stevanovich Institute design talk around exhibition
UChicago's 100-year-old Renaissance Society recently teamed up with one of the University's newest entities-the Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge - for a discussion of how doubt permeates questions of identity, language, and what we know (or think we know) about sex and science.

Philosophy - History / Archeology - 13.05.2016
Republicans Have a Moral Obligation to Oppose Trump
Eighty years ago, hundreds of Americans traveled to Berlin to attend the Summer Olympics. The Nazis passed the infamous Nuremberg Laws a year earlier, which denied German Jews basic rights of citizenship.

Career - Philosophy - 11.05.2016
Statement of support for the London Anti-Corruption Summit
Statement of support for the London Anti-Corruption Summit
The UCL Centre for Ethics and Law ('CEL') is delighted to endorse and release the following statement in support of the London Anti-Corruption Summit by leading professional services organisations, reflecting their commitment to tackling corruption in the global economy.

Philosophy - Event - 29.04.2016
Der "Herr der Ringe" der Chemie
Shedding new light on the nature of human experience by combining phenomenology, emotion theory, and psychiatry - this distinctive approach has led Matthew Ratcliffe to exceptional research results.

Social Sciences - Philosophy - 28.04.2016
Is physician-assisted suicide ethical?
Is physician-assisted suicide ethical?
California recently joined Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Montana in legalizing physician-assisted suicide.

Law - Philosophy - 26.04.2016
Paper: Contract law can be a mechanism of empowerment
Paper: Contract law can be a mechanism of empowerment
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — A new paper by a University of Illinois legal scholar offers a novel interpretation of contract law. The theory, dubbed "contract as empowerment," can help adjudicate contemporary debates over the proper shape of the law that governs many different markets - from those in consumer goods to labor, finance, credit and mortgages, among many others, said Robin B. Kar , a University of Illinois professor of law and of philosophy.

Philosophy - 15.04.2016

Health - Philosophy - 13.04.2016
Alex John London Appointed to National Committee on Ebola Research
By Shilo Rea / 412-268-6094 / shilo [a] cmu (p) edu Alex John London, an acclaimed bioethicist at Carnegie Mellon University, has been appointed to the Committee on Clinical Trials During the 2014-15 Ebola Outbreak by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

Physics - Philosophy - 12.04.2016
Renowned physicist to examine nature’s moral code
The ideas of physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed have revolutionized the field of particle theory over the last decade.

Philosophy - Career - 12.04.2016
How our employment status affects our morals around money
Becoming unemployed changes people's morals around the distribution of money, says a new study from The University of Nottingham. Understanding how becoming unemployed affects people's reasoning is important. Unemployment and the poverty it causes are associated with depression, anxiety, stress, low well-being and self-esteem.

Philosophy - 08.04.2016
Do the right thing: Moral sticklers seen as more trustworthy
Would you kill an innocent person to save five others? If, like most people, you said no, it may be because following moral rules such as "don't kill innocent people" sends a powerful social signal that you are trustworthy. New research suggests people perceive those who hold fast to these moral rules - even when breaking them might lead to better overall consequences - as more trustworthy and valued social partners than those who would be willing to override the rules for the sake of the greater good.

Philosophy - 06.04.2016
Philosophy’s Chignell edits book on ethical eating
"Everyone is talking about food. Chefs and food critics have become celebrities.

Philosophy - Psychology - 06.04.2016
Study helps explain why we favour a black and white approach to morality
Would you kill one innocent person to save five? Choose your answer wisely: your popularity may depend on it. New research from Oxford University shows people gauge others' trustworthiness based on their moral judgements. The findings can help explain why snap judgements about morality tend to be based on a set of absolute moral rules (such as 'don't kill innocent people'), even if we might make different decisions when given more time.

Philosophy - 06.04.2016
War, peace and the Welsh Baccalaureate
An exciting new initiative which aims to complement schools' Welsh Baccalaureate studies on global citizenship has been piloted by the University.

Philosophy - 05.04.2016
Will babies ’deal with the devil’? Only when price is right
Turns out everyone does have a price - even babies. Babies as young as 12 months will take a smaller offering from a Good Samaritan than a larger one from a wrongdoer. However, children are much more willing to "do business" with the bad guy when their offer is substantially higher than the do-gooder's, a new study published in the journal Cognition shows.

History / Archeology - Philosophy - 30.03.2016
Australian history at UQ
Statement from Associate Professor Jon Willis, Director and Manager of Academic Programs, UQ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit: The University of Queensland does not have an official

Philosophy - Life Sciences - 24.03.2016
Harmonizing ethics review for international research
Genomic research holds great potential to advance human health and medicine. But for the millions of data points now being collected through large-scale sequencing efforts to be truly valuable, they must be analyzed in aggregate and shared across institutions and jurisdictions.

Health - Philosophy - 24.03.2016
Professor Penney Lewis appointed to the Human Tissue Authority
Professor Penney Lewis of The Dickson Poon School of Law , King's College London has today been appointed as an Authority Member to the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) by the Secretary of State for Health.

Philosophy - Environment - 22.03.2016
Design for Life
A Lancaster University-based designer is exhibiting his work at Brantwood, the former home of John Ruskin in Coniston, this spring.

Philosophy - Health - 11.03.2016
Ask an Ethicist: Is it wrong to ask my son about his combat service?
In partnership with the Rock Ethics Institute, Penn State Today's feature column, "Ask an Ethicist," aims to shed light on ethical questions from our readers.

Philosophy - Religions - 10.03.2016
Hindu-Christian study earns Professor top honour
A Lancaster University Professor has been commended for his book which brings Indian and Western religious and philosophical ideas together.

Philosophy - Economics - 10.03.2016
Leaders can avoid whistleblower penalty
ANN ARBOR-Employees who expose unethical behavior in organizations often face retaliation for speaking up. But company leaders who blow the whistle on such activity are less likely to be sanctioned, University of Michigan researchers say. In fact, in some cases, leaders can even be ostracized if they don't speak up, they say.

Philosophy - Health - 28.02.2016
The Professors' Collegium:
The Professors’ Collegium: "We should have an atmosphere guided by ethics"
THREE QUESTIONS TO. Nancy Pedersen, professor at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and one of the arrangers of a meeting for the Professors' Collegium, a discussion forum for all of KI's professors, on 22 February.

Health - Philosophy - 22.02.2016
Investigations and other measures related to Macchiarini case
Following the relevations concerning the researcher and surgeon Paolo Macchiarini's actions, a number of investigations and other measures have been initiated. Karolinska Institutet The inquiry into scientific misconduct is being reopened. Following fresh information, including new details about the first patient, whose case forms the bases of some of Paolo Macchiarini's articles, KI intends to reopen the inquiry into scientific misconduct.

Administration - Philosophy - 18.02.2016
Research Councils UK
The University has received a top rating from Research Councils UK (RCUK) for its expenditure in relation to research grants, fellowships and doctoral training grants as well as ethics in Research.