Postponed: 2020 Student Council elections

The student council elections will be postponed by three weeks and will now be held in the week of 8-12 June. The processes surrounding the elections have also been adjusted in such a way that any moments requiring physical contact have been replaced by communications via the UvA website, social media, email and/or phone.

A poll by the Central Student Council showed that most faculty councils are in favour of postponing the elections, because recruiting candidates and organising campaigns is difficult under the current circumstances. There’s also a concern turnout may be low.

Chair of the Central Student Council Pjotr van der Jagt: ’I am proud to see that we have received valuable input from all the student councils on the options surrounding the elections at short notice and despite these strange circumstances. In times of crisis we need to be creative, and all the student councils are taking this to heart. I hope this will inspire a next generation.’
Based on the input the Central Voting Office has concluded that it ’must assume that the student participation would not be served by maintaining the current timeframe’ and has therefore decided to postpone the elections.

Nomination of candidates: from Tuesday, 28 April through Thursday, 7 May The lists of candidates must be submitted by email (via ). Please note the lists of candidates and declarations of intent must be signed.

  • Elections: Monday 8 through Friday 12 June
    As in previous years the elections will take place online: on 8 June all student will receive an invitation to vote from WebElect.
  • Sessions of the Central Voting Office (to confirm candidate lists and results) The regular practice is that the Central Voting Office confirms the candidate lists and the results in public sessions open to interested parties. It is currently exploring whether a suitable alternative can be found.
  • Announcement of the results on Friday 19 June The results will be announced via the UvA website directly after they have been confirmed by the Central Voting Office.

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