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Social Sciences - Religions - 25.05.2021

Religions - Social Sciences - 11.05.2021

Religions - Environment - 27.04.2021
Durham to support Church of England in ambitious decarbonisation plan
The Church of England will be supported in their ambitious aim of achieving net-zero carbon by 2030 through a new partnership with Durham Energy Institute (DEI).

Religions - Event - 21.04.2021

Law - Religions - 19.04.2021
Law School course examines how Buddhism intersects with constitutional law
New Law School course brings scholars together to study intersection of religion, law With an estimated 500 million followers worldwide, Buddhism has had a far-reaching impact on constitutional design and reform in many countries.

Religions - Campus - 06.04.2021

Art and Design - Religions - 03.03.2021
The Centre for Aesthetics, Religion and Contemporary Culture has been created, a meeting point between art and academia
The new study center, coordinated by Amador Vega, Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts at UPF, aims to be a welcoming place for researchers from all over the world and makes it available to society and of contemporary culture innovative ways of working.

Religions - History / Archeology - 28.01.2021

Religions - History / Archeology - 26.01.2021

Religions - Pedagogy - 14.12.2020

Religions - Social Sciences - 12.11.2020
Religious clashes in India sparked scholar's interest in peace
Religious clashes in India sparked scholar’s interest in peace
The violent destruction of a Muslim holy site in India prompted religious studies scholar Anna Bigelow to ask why some communities succumb to violence and others do not.

Law - Religions - 03.11.2020
Why some rights are violated more often-even in a democracy
Enshrining a right in the constitution is no guarantee that a nation will enforce it-but some rights are harder to violate than others, according to Prof. Adam Chilton of the University of Chicago Law School.

Pedagogy - Religions - 07.10.2020
Durham theologian supports launch of Pope Francis’ new teachings
One of our leading theologians has spoken alongside Pope Francis at the global launch of his new Papal Encyclical - one of the Pope's highest forms of communication.

Religions - Social Sciences - 22.09.2020
Muslims, atheists more likely to face religious discrimination in US
Muslims, atheists more likely to face religious discrimination in US
A University of Washington-led study found that religious discrimination is more common toward people who identify as Muslim or atheist, rather than Catholic or Protestant. Myriam Zilles Muslims and atheists in the United States are more likely than those of Christian faiths to experience religious discrimination, according to new research led by the University of Washington.

History / Archeology - Religions - 09.09.2020
Paul de Lagarde (1827-1891) - scholar and anti-Semite
Paul de Lagarde (1827-1891) - scholar and anti-Semite
Research team from Göttingen and Potsdam examines the intellectual legacy of the Göttingen Orientalist Who was Paul de Lagarde?

Religions - 07.09.2020
Manuscript leaf from thirteenth century ‘Glastonbury Bible’ returns to the South West
A precious manuscript leaf from a thirteenth-century Latin Bible that almost certainly originated from Glastonbury Abbey has been acquired by the University of Bristol Library's Special Collections.

Religions - Social Sciences - 13.08.2020

Religions - 10.08.2020

History / Archeology - Religions - 07.08.2020

Social Sciences - Religions - 07.07.2020

Religions - Event - 11.05.2020