Research wanted for citizen science project at University Museum Utrecht

Photo: Lize KraanPhoto: Lize Kraan

Involve families in the data collection of your research

The renovated Utrecht University Museum (UMU) will open its doors to the public in September 2023. UMU will be the research museum of the Netherlands: a museum for families with children aged 8-14, where you will be actively introduced to past and present scientific research at Utrecht University. Where you will be inspired to ask questions about yourself and the world around you. And where visitors become researcher themselves.

Citizen science: contribute to research yourself

From its opening until March 2024, UMU will organise a citizen science project in which families themselves contribute to current scientific research. For this, we would like to cooperate with UU scientists to let families experience what research is all about and collect valuable research data together.

Citizen science can take many different forms. At UMU, we are looking for a project where families can do part of the data collection. For example, by interviewing their grandparents, researching their own neighbourhood or delving into their own past. They send the data they collect with this mini-research to the researchers for broader analysis.

Earlier, we collaborated with the Westerdijk Institute , where families could search for new fungi species in the soil of their own gardens. Other examples of citizen science projects outside UMU include National Soil Animal Day , inventory street poetry or helping with archeological research.

Does this appeal to you and do you see opportunities for your research topic? Let us know!

Submit your research

What are we looking for?

  • We are looking for an appealing topic for the citizen science project, in which families discover how research works and collect data for a research project. It should be possible for families to carry out the data collection at home, without special tools or extra guidance. If necessary a training of the families by e.g. a video explanation is possible.
  • For this, we are looking for a collaboration with a UU scientist/research group that will provide the project’s research question, develop the research design in collaboration with UMU and analyse the data.
  • We are specifically looking for a topic within the Humanities or LEG faculty for this project. Excited, but working for another faculty? Send us a message and we will keep you in mind for future projects.

    What do we expect from you?

  • An appealing research question arising from your research.
  • Content development of the research design.
  • Analysis and feedback of results.
  • Attendance at the launch activity (September 2023) and final activity (February 2024).
  • What do you get from us?

  • A stage to collect data from the family target audience and increase awareness of your research.
  • The opportunity to set up a substantive Public Engagement activity in collaboration with creative and experienced UMU colleagues. We gladly think along with you to translate your research into an appealing activity for families and take on all practical project organisation and communication with participants.
  • Organisation of start and end activities and extra programming during holidays.
  • Budget for necessary materials, among other things, in consultation.