Space age business solutions

Space age business solutions

PA 241/08

Exploiting space age technology for the benefit of business and professionals in the East Midlands will be the focus of an enterprise event taking place this week.

The universities of Leicester and Nottingham have teamed up with the East Midlands Development Agency (emda) to examine the appliance of science to boost business performance and improve efficiency.

The workshop and networking event entitled Business Meets Space will take place at the National Space Centre in Leicester on Friday October 10 and will explore new opportunities for businesses, public sector users and potential investors regarding commercial and civil-use applications of space-age technology.

Professor Terry Moore, Director of the Institute of Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy at The University of Nottingham said: “Satellite navigation is one of the most important growth technologies of the early 21st century. GPS (the basis of the SatNav now familiar in many people’s cars) will soon be joined by other systems, including Europe’s Galileo, and location and timing services provided by these systems are becoming a fundamental part of all our lives.

“This event will highlight the East Midlands established position at the very front of the developments of this new technology and how we work with industry.”

The event will cover:

Use of space information systems in applications for environmental protection, air quality monitoring, health, security, disaster management, leisure and tourism

Application of satellite navigation technology in transport and communication, land survey, agriculture, tourism, waste disposal and logistics

Professor Paul Monks, from the University of Leicester, is examining the applications of space data in business. He said: “A revolution is underway in the everyday use of space–based information services, including satellite navigation systems in transport and satellite imagery for Google Earth and Google Map.

“Through Europe’s investment in satellite navigation with Galileo, and environmental monitoring with GMES, many more applications for space information are emerging.

“The University of Leicester is currently launching a knowledge hub for the East Midlands region’s network for exploitation and utilisation of GMES space technologies, also incorporating applications to our regional agendas in transport, health and construction. We are setting up mechanisms to support knowledge exchange partnerships with national and regional companies, especially SMEs, with participation through in-situ training and joint projects.”

David Wallace, Director of Innovation at East Midlands Development Agency (emda) said: "Over the years there have been many commercial spin offs from space technologies. Applications as diverse as water purification, solar energy, scratch resistant lenses and even golf balls have benefitted from the space programme.

“This is why it is vitally important for businesses in the East Midlands to be aware of the latest breakthroughs in space technology. This seminar will make businesses understand how some of these technologies can be applied to the development of commercial products and services.”

Presentations will be made by:

Professor Alan Wells — Emeritus Professor at the University of Leicester, emda NEREUS
Network of European Regions Using Space Technology
Professor Paul Monks — University of Leicester
Applications of Space Data in Business
Professor Terry Moore — University of Nottingham
Sat Nav – Myths, Realities and Diverse Applications of Satellite Navigation
Dr Richard Gilmore — DG Enterprise, EC
Funding Opportunities in the Space Theme in FP7.
Dr Michael Rose — BNSC.
National Objectives for Space Technology – Applications in GMES and GNSS.
Dr Nick Veck — Infoterra–Global.
Business Services from EO – Emergency Services and Risk Management.

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