Start educational activities Ghent University in code orange

We already informed you that Ghent University is doing everything in its power to ensure maximum safety on campus.

Our educational activities are organized taking into account the safety measures laid down in the so-called of the Flemish government.

The past few days have shown that vigilance with regard to the coronavirus is required. Our university must and wants to take its responsibility by limiting its further spread ing as much as possible. 

Therefore , as of next week,  educational activities  at  G h ent University  will not be organized according to the modalities  of code  yellow  as  initially planned , but  according to the modalities  of code  orange  in  the pandemic  matrix.

We will maintain this policy for a minimum of four lesson weeks and will monitor the situation further closely. 

What does "code orange" mean?

  • In auditoria and classrooms, on campus lessons take place with an occupancy rate of 20% with face mask;
  • Education in small groups (50 persons or less) is organized with an occupancy rate of 50% with face mask or 20% without mouth mask
  • Lab-exercises and practicals can be organized with an occupancy rate of 100% with face mask;

  • Activities in Study-OOs or in work and study locations (50 persons or less) are organized in such a way that 1.5m distance is guaranteed, meaning a face mask is not necessary.

Now that we are a few days before the start of the academic year , we realize very well that this is not an easy message. But we owe it to ourselves, to each other and to society as a whole to tighten up the measures now. So we can relax them again as soon as possible.

Many students have already received their timetable. There is a fair  chance this will have to be changed soon. Students do well to keep an eye on the communication of their study programme an d courses.

T he past few months , it became clear that the community of Ghent University  is capable of a lot. We will also need our resilience in the time to come.

Help each other as much as possible and don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed.

Together  we strive for what is achievable.

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