Stigma in the Bijlmer: Theábest-known neighbourhood in The Netherlands

Researchers Fenne Pinkster,áMarijn Ferier andáMyrte Hoekstra conducted a study into resident experiences the Bijlmer stigma. The Bijlmer is a deprived neighborhood, developed in the 60s-70s in the southeast of Amsterdam, which has long been labeled as a ’Dutch ghetto’.

The researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with residents’ sense of belonging in their neighbourhood on the one hand and how they cope with place stigma on the other hand. They find that the dominant representations of the Bijlmer as the Dutch ghetto function as an unescapable ’haunting shadow’ that residents always have to deal with, even if they themselves experience the neighborhood quite differently.

Researcher Fenne Pinkster explains the research in this video

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

GPIO : Urban Geographies

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