Wanted: confidential advisors

Are you keen to contribute to a socially safe and pleasant working environment within RSM? And are you open to learning new skills?

Are you keen to contribute to a socially safe and pleasant working environment within RSM? And are you open to learning new skills? Then please consider becoming one of two new  RSM confidential advisors  (previously called ’confidential counsellors’) for your colleagues at RSM

What are you going to do?

A confidential advisor:

  • Provides initial support to employees (including supervisors and management) who have experienced harassment and who need help and advice. You stand by the person reporting, but never take over their case. You ask questions about an employee’s goal and the path they would like to take without making judgements.
  • Assesses whether a solution is possible in the informal sphere. Or whether additional support is required, beyond the role of the confidential advisor. If needed, the case needs to be brought to the attention of a suitable support network.
  • Informs the employee who approached to the advisor of other options, such as complaint procedures.
  • Provides guidance if the employee wishes to raise the matter with a complaint committee or supervisor.
  • Refers to other support opportunities, such as a mediator.
  • Provides information on how to deal with undesirable behaviour.
  • Flags areas of concern or trends to supervisors and management, in order for the organisation to focus on the areas that need attention to prevent undesirable behaviour.
  • Records cases of undesirable behaviour.
  • How does the role fit within the organisation?

  • This role is an addition to your regular position. But, with consent of your manager, RSM will re-allocate your responsibilities to create time for this important role.
  • You’d be part of an EUR network of confidential advisors, supported by a co-ordinating confidential advisor.
  • Advisors are expected to contribute actively to this network. At the same time this offers you a learning and network opportunity.
  • Confidential advisors work in line with the unwanted behaviour policy and the tasks and responsibilities recorded in this.
  • The role of confidential advisor is incompatible with membership of the EUR complaint committee. Confidential advisors can also not be HR department employees or work at the highest management level.
  • Qualities and skills 

  • Confidential advisors are accessible, empathetic and courageous where needed.
  • To carry out confidential advisor work successfully, you must be able to listen well and know when to be silent.
  • Integrity, reliability and communication skills are crucial, as are organisational sensitivity.
  • You can reflect on your own conduct and viewpoints, and can contribute to other people’s reflection on how they behave and treat each other.
  • The confidential advisor speaks and writes fluently, clearly and to the point in correct Dutch or English.
  • Training

    You must take part in a training on unwanted behaviour and integrity. Confidential advisors also regularly participate in peer reviews. 


    Confidential advisors must have enough time to carry out their tasks, improve their competencies and consult with other parties when needed. A guideline for the first year: two hours per week.


    In accordance with the legal protection of members of employee representation bodies, no decisions are taken about a former or current confidential advisor that would adversely affect their legal position as a result of their activities as a confidential advisor. This is ensured by the organisational management in which the confidential advisor works.


    If you recognise yourself in the competencies and skills as described above, please write your motivation to: vreeswijk@rsm.nl

    After writing we will contact you as soon as possible.
    If you need more information you can contact Marlies Vreeswijk (a confidential advisor at RSM) at vreeswijk@rsm.nl or +31 6 36003751.