WITg, Institute for Materials System Technology Thurgau

WITg, Institute for Materials System Technology Thurgau   link
Location: Kreuzlingen - Eastern of Switzerland
Konstanzerstrasse 19, 8274 Tägerwilen

Category: Materials Science

The Institute for Materials Systems Engineering Thurgau (WITG) was founded by the Canton of Thurgau through its Foundation for Science and Research in 2002 in close cooperation with the HTWG Konstanz and stands for research, engineering and coaching in the field of materials systems engineering. The field of activity ranges from damage analysis to series-accompanying material testing to development and research projects.

Fields of competence are in particular metallography, corrosion and corrosion protection as well as stainless steel and structural simulations. A high degree of flexibility of the institute and its activities enables the successful implementation of innovative projects, which can be supported by innosuisse and other public donors. The WITg regularly carries out projects financed by Innosuisse.

The professional expertise in the main areas of metallic materials is practiced through continuous research activities and through close ties to the HTWG and national and international research institutions. Scientific work and publications serve as a mark of quality for WITg activities in the field of research.

The customers of the institute are innovative manufacturing companies with product responsibility, regionally anchored medium-sized companies and hidden champions, engineering offices and development service providers from high-tech products to everyday products.