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Earth Sciences - May 28, 2014
Earth Sciences
PhD student's studies of four-billion-year-old rocks show ancient crust generated in an Iceland-like setting. PhD student Jesse Reimink studied some of the oldest rocks on Earth to find out how the earliest continents formed. It looks like just another rock, but what Jesse Reimink holds in his hands is a four-billion-year-old chunk of an ancient protocontinent that holds clues about how the Earth's first continents formed.
Physics - May 23, 2014

World-renowned UAlberta physicist to host screening of documentary on Large Hadron Collider and discovery of Higgs boson.

Agronomy - Apr 23, 2014

Stanford Blade, CEO of Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions, named dean of Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences effective Aug. 1.

Health - Apr 16, 2014

Researcher awarded $4.2M provincial research chair to find better ways of managing one of the world's most vital resources.

Health - Apr 9, 2014

Newcomers to Canada's Prairie provinces very satisfied with care they receive despite differences in culture and language, study shows.

Life Sciences - Apr 4, 2014

Funding and partnerships will help UAlberta researchers and industry develop healthier, more nutritious food products for animals.

Health - Jan 30, 2014

UAlberta researcher says sharper focus on poor people needed to meet UN goal of improving maternal health worldwide by 2015.

Physics - May 23, 2014

UAlberta research shows new approach as effective as physical injury assessments, and poses fewer pain risks. Doug Gross (right) and his UAlberta research team developed an -based test to ensure injured workers are ready to return to the job.

Health - Apr 16, 2014

Monthly appointments show success in helping patients reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels after suffering stroke. Finlay McAlister (left) and Miriam Fradette, one of the pharmacists who took part in the UAlberta study of interventions for patients who have suffered from a stroke A new study from the University of Alberta shows that pharmacists can make a healthy difference for patients recovering from stroke.

Mechanical Engineering - Apr 14, 2014

High-speed camera system to test impacts one of eight UAlberta projects receiving $946,000 from Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Health - Apr 7, 2014

UAlberta professor, spinoff company lead global effort to bring fast, accurate malaria testing kit to the places it's needed most.

Health - Apr 1, 2014

UAlberta study shows that 63% of Albertans favour screening during pregnancy; support jumps to 72.7% postpartum.

Social Sciences - Jan 27, 2014

Nursing PhD grad dedicated to improving how South Africa's justice system treats women affected by violence.

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