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Location: Heidelberg - Baden-Württemberg
Grabengasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg


The University of Heidelberg is the oldest university in present-day Germany. In the course of its more than 630-year history, it has repeatedly renewed itself as one of the leading intellectual centres in Europe. The University sees itself as a research university with twelve faculties in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics, humanities and theology, law, economics and social sciences, and medicine.


Politics - Feb 20

Gordon Friedrichs and Natalie Rauscher accepted into the WIN-Kolleg of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. With their interdisciplinary research project on interconnected, global crises, Dr Gordon Friedrichs and Dr Natalie Rauscher have been accepted into the WIN-Kolleg of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Environment - Feb 16

15 laboratories at Heidelberg University to undergo an evaluation process towards more sustainability in research activities from March.

Physics - Feb 8

Physicists from Heidelberg, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and the USA establish new value for the neutron skin of lead-208.

Research Management - Jan 23

As scholarly sources they are expected to provide new insights into society, culture and politics in a turbulent age.

Earth Sciences

British Economic and Social Research Council honours project in Brazil with participating geoinformation scientists from Heidelberg.

Media - Jan 10

Event in the context of the Nature Marsilius Visiting Professorship for Science Communication.

Heidelberg researchers receive computing time for simulating the behaviour of cosmic gases and plasmas during star formation.

Environment - Dec 21, 2023

Instruments developed especially for academic institutions - strategies for consistent planning and avoidance.

Heidelberg neurobiologists successfully test novel drug principle in a mouse model and in brain organoids of ALS patients.

Innovation - Feb 1

Among the "Top 3" of universities and public research centres in Germany for patents and inventions. In cancer research, Heidelberg University is one of the driving forces in Germany in terms of patents and inventions to fight cancer.

Environment - Jan 17

Researchers from Heidelberg and Karlsruhe use stalagmite to reconstruct regional and global climate history.

History & Archeology

The Institute for European Art History of Heidelberg University is very happy about a gift of faithfully copied manuscripts from late antiquity, medieval times and the early modern age.

Health - Jan 9

Scientists from Heidelberg and Mainz are collaborating in a joint research project to improve the frequently difficult prognosis of disease progression and hence the treatment options for people with cardiac insufficiency.

Environment - Jan 8

Model simulations show how a spatial reconfiguration of land use can increase food production while simultaneously storing more carbon.

Health - Dec 20, 2023

For her research into intelligent tuberculosis screening for children, associate professor Dr Claudia Denkinger, a scientist at the Medical Faculty Heidelberg of Heidelberg University, has earned valuable financial support from the European Research Council (ERC).

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