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Location: Heidelberg - Baden-Württemberg
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The University of Heidelberg is the oldest university in present-day Germany. In the course of its more than 630-year history, it has repeatedly renewed itself as one of the leading intellectual centres in Europe. The University sees itself as a research university with twelve faculties in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics, humanities and theology, law, economics and social sciences, and medicine.


Conference: The Political Potential of Food and Food Supply for Social Changes

Agronomy & Food Science

Second International Workshop "Food for Justice" to take place on 23 and 24 July at Universität Heidelberg. The political potential of food and food supply for social changes is the theme of an international conference at Heidelberg University. The second "Food for Justice International Workshop" on 23 and 24 July 2024 is being organized by the Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (HCIAS) of Ruperto Carola together with the Latin America Institute of Freie Universität Berlin.

Life Sciences - Jul 12

How Plant Cold Specialists Can Adapt to the Environment

Life Sciences

International team of evolutionary biologists investigate genomic underpinnings for the adaptive potential of spoonworts.

Physics - Jun 28

Millions Available in Funding for Heidelberg Nuclear and Particle Physics


Scientists at Heidelberg University are to receive funding worth over ten million euros for basic research in nuclear and particle physics.

Exceptional Black Hole Discovered in the Milky Way

Astronomy & Space

Heidelberg researchers played a leading role in evaluating the data from the Gaia space observatory.

Health - May 31

Universität Heidelberg Successful with Six Bids for Collaborative Research Centres

DFG grants for three CRC/Transregio consortia and three CRCs total nearly 87 million euros. In the current approval round of the German Research Foundation (DFG) Heidelberg University has been successful with six applications for grants to fund major, internationally visible research consortia.

Health - May 22

Creating Dynamics in Research and Transfer with the Innovation Campus


Baden-Württemberg's Science Minister learned about the ongoing projects of the Health + Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim.

Health - May 10

Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Science Visits the Health + Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim

Petra Olschowski learns about current projects at the Innovation Campus - public series of short lectures. To learn more about A variety of lectures by scientists from this research alliance are scheduled for 17 May 2024 and are also aimed at interested members of the public.

Career - May 3

On the Way to a University Career


Olympia Morata Programme of Heidelberg University awards fellowships to four early-career researchers.

Building Materials for Water-Rich Planets in the Early Solar System

Investigations with participation by Heidelberg scientists show that later emerging small bodies brought water to the Earth. Age data for certain classes of meteorite have made it possible to gain new findings on the origin of small water-rich astronomical bodies in the early solar system.

Chemistry - Jun 27

Aromatic Compounds: A Ring Made up Solely of Metal Atoms


Heidelberg chemists characterise new basic structure in the field of aromaticity.

Searching for Signals from the Early Universe

In the search for signals from the early universe, the Heidelberg scientist Georg Wolschin deals with the question of whether and how residual spectral lines from the recombination phase with the formation of the first ele

Environment - May 27

Plastic Particles and Climate Change as Drivers for Antimicrobial Resistance

EU-funded research project deals with plastic pollution and the spread of antimicrobial resistance in aquatic systems.

Environment - May 21

Presentation of the Europe Report of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change

Scientists from Heidelberg University spotlight results and discuss their consequences for Germany.

Research Management - May 7

QS Ranking by Subject: First Place in Life Sciences & Medicine

In the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024, Heidelberg University has taken first place in Germany with the subject area Life Sciences & Medicine.

Life Sciences - Apr 24

’Tree of Life’ for Flowering Plants

Life Sciences

Heidelberg bioscientists have contributed research knowledge on the evolution of cruciferous plants.

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