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Health - Jun 30
New federal firearm and mental health law: U-M experts react. Bipartisan Safer Communities Act was signed into law June 25 FACULTY Q&A In the wake of President Biden's signing of a new Bipartisan Safety Communities Act that focuses on firearm injury prevention, school safety and mental health services, experts from the University of Michigan reacted to the law's intent and provisions.
Environment - Jun 30

EXPERTS ADVISORY The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday limited the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to regulate carbon emissions from power plants, dealing a blow to the Biden administration's efforts to address climate change.

Computer Science - Jun 29

A way to expand training data sets for manipulation tasks improves the performance of robots by 40% or more.

Health - Jun 29

DETROIT-Despite pandemic-related eviction prevention measures, thousands of Detroit renters were evicted in the past two years due to loopholes in policies and enforcement.

Economics - Jun 28

FACULTY Q&A Distributing relief supplies to typhoon victims requires storing the goods in the best location before the typhoon hits. The tricky part is knowing where that is. Joline Uichanco , assistant professor of technology and operations at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, developed a method to figure it out.

Health - Jun 27

One of the most terrifying aspects of cancer is its unpredictability: Some cancerous tumors are cured by treatment, while others shrink with treatment only to return later.

Health - Jun 24

EXPERTS ADVISORY Siobán Harlow is a professor emerita of epidemiology and global public health, and obstetrics and gynecology. She is also the director of the Center for Midlife Science. "The Supreme Court decision reflects a woeful misrepresentation of history and disregard for the context of many women's lives.

Health - Jun 23

In about a fifth of the cases of Parkinson's disease, look to a small, malfunctioning protein in the lysosome as a risk factor, say University of Michigan researchers. Lysosomes are the garbage collectors of cells.

Environment - Jun 30

University of Michigan researchers and their partners are forecasting that western Lake Erie will experience a smaller than average harmful algal bloom this summer, which would make it less severe than 2021 and more akin to what was seen in the lake in 2020.

Health - Jun 29

Long COVID was more prevalent among women, Hispanics and those with lower incomes, according to the most recent Michigan COVID-19 Recovery Surveillance Study report. The report also shows that those with a Body Mass Index over 30 are also more likely to have long-term post-COVID symptoms.

Environment - Jun 28

This summer's Chesapeake Bay "dead zone” is expected to be smaller than the long-term average, according to a forecast released today by researchers from the University of Michigan, Chesapeake Bay Program, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and U.S. Geological Survey.

Materials Science - Jun 27

System developed at the University of Michigan saves time and money in the race to create better batteries for the electric vehicle revolution.

Environment - Jun 27

The University of Michigan has been awarded a five-year, $53 million renewal agreement from the federal government to continue and expand the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research, with the goal of helping to conserve and manage the region's natural resources.

Economics - Jun 24

Consumer sentiment continued its downward trend, falling 14.4% in June, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers. All components of the index fell this month, with the steepest declines in the year-ahead outlook for the economy, down 24% from May, and consumers' assessments of their personal financial situation, which worsened about 20%, said U-M economist Joanne Hsu, director of the surveys.

Politics - Jun 23

In Europe, far-right parties have emerged as the most vocal defenders of restricting welfare benefits to citizens only. Study: How Distributional Conflict over In-Kind Benefits Generates Support for Far-Right Parties Why do voters find such a policy platform attractive? A new study examines the role played by competition between natives and immigrants over access to social benefits.

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