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Physics - Jun 7

Disruptions in a material's atomic structure could act as "nano-pipelines” for efficient transport of charge and spin. Lines of shifted atoms, or dislocations, in electronic materials have long been considered detrimental due to their tendency to impede the flow of electricity.

University of Michigan evolutionary ecologist Marjorie Weber has been named to Science News magazine's annual Scientists to Watch list, which recognizes 10 young researchers "for their potential to shape the science of the future.

A new tool in the fight against superbugs goes beyond protein folding simulations like AlphaFold, potentially revealing antibiotic candidates. Identifying whether and how a nanoparticle and protein will bind with one another is an important step toward being able to design antibiotics and antivirals on demand, and a computer model developed at the University of Michigan can do it.

FACULTY Q&A University of Michigan marketing expert Marcus Collins says Pride Month has become, in many ways, as accepted in the American cultural calendar as celebrations of Black history or Hispanic heritage.

Health - Jun 5

A new tool to measure essential properties of the ankle joint-and an exploration of whether botulinum toxin injections are helpful-could help survivors walk better. A close look at how the ankle functions after a stroke could ultimately improve the mobility and rehabilitation outcomes for more than 40 million stroke survivors worldwide who experience persistent walking difficulties.

Health - Jun 1

The University of Michigan Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention and the state of Michigan have finalized a $1 million contract to create a statewide initiative designed to enhance school safety and prevent school violence, including school shootings.

To prevent a global health crisis, scientists around the world are searching for ways to fight bacteria that can evade the current arsenal of antibiotics. A promising target for new and improved antibiotics are riboswitches, small stretches of RNA that regulate a process necessary for the production of proteins by the bacterial cell.

Psychology - May 30

The first moments of police interactions with drivers can tell us about what happens next-with officers often giving orders rather than providing reasons for traffic stops, according to a new study that analyzed law enforcement encounters.

Study: ROS signaling-induced mitochondrial Sgk1 expression regulates epithelial cell renewal. Researchers have long thought that once a cell starts down its path of differentiation, growing into a skin cell or a liver cell or a neuron, that path could not be changed.

Sport - Jun 5

Study: Under-representation of female athletes in research informing influential concussion consensus and position statements: an evidence review and synthesis. Women's gymnastics has the highest rate of preseason concussion of all NCAA sports, with women gymnasts experiencing concussions at a rate 50% higher than football players.

Environment - Jun 5

A team of scientists including a University of Michigan aquatic ecologist is forecasting a summer "dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico that will cover an estimated 4,155 square miles, which is below the 5,364-square-mile average over the 36-year history of dead zone measurements in the region.

A University of Michigan public policy expert who has reviewed the U.S. surgeon general's advisory outlining social media's profound risks to children's mental health says policymakers will need a great deal more data before making any formal recommendations.

Media - Jun 1

Study abstract: Preexisting stereotypes and selection of counter-stereotypical genius representations in entertainment media. Entertainment media has increasingly featured diverse representations that have the potential to combat harmful social stereotypes, but a new University of Michigan study raises questions about how effective they can be in the current media landscape.

While water vapor was previously detected in the atmosphere of exoplanet WASP-18b-an ultrahot gas giant 10 times more massive than Jupiter-University of Michigan scientists have confirmed that NASA's James Webb Space Telescope unveiled once-hidden water features that had eluded the ground-based Hubble Space Telescope.

Economics - May 26

Consumer sentiment slipped 7% due to renewed concerns about the trajectory of the economy, erasing nearly half of the gains achieved since the all-time historic low from last June. Consumers' worries about the outlook of the economy in both the short and long run worsened considerably given the negative news about the economy, including the debt ceiling crisis.

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