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U-M solar car team returns to the American Solar Challenge

Campus - Jul 18

For the first time since 2018, the University of Michigan solar car team will stake their claim as one of the nation's best. Sporting a brand new roll cage, the University of Michigan solar car team's latest vehicle will speed down parts of the Oregon Trail and seven other national historic trails during this year's American Solar Challenge, July 20-27.

Health - Jul 18

Michigan Nurses’ Study: Modest improvements in working conditions, but big problems persist

Study: Changes in Registered Nurse Employment Plans and Workplace Assessments doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.

Environment - Jul 18

Negative sentiment in environmental advocacy emails boosts engagement

Study: Go Negative for Clicks: Negative Sentiment in Environmental Advocacy Emails Is Associated with Increased Public Engagement. People find it hard to resist negative messages.

Environment - Jul 17

More Michigan communities developing renewable energy goals, U-M survey finds

The percentage of Michigan local governments that say they have or are considering renewable energy goals has doubled since 2019.

Physics - Jul 17

Quantum light unlocks nature’s tiny secrets

Researchers at the University of Michigan have found a way to examine tiny structures, such as bacteria and genes, with reduced damage compared to traditional light sources.

Architecture - Jul 16

Far-reaching costs of eviction filings to tenants-regardless of the outcome in court

Research shows far-reaching costs of eviction filings to tenants-regardless of the outcome in court.

Politics - Jul 15

Republicans to formally nominate Trump, highlight new platform at national convention

EXPERT Q&A The Republican Party convenes in Milwaukee for its National Convention to highlight its platform and unify members.

Innovation - Jul 15

You’re just a stick figure to this camera

Study: PrivacyLens: On-Device PII Removal from RGB Images using Thermally-Enhanced Sensing (DOI: 10.56553/popets-2024-0146) A new camera could prevent companies from collecting embarrassing and identifiable photos and videos from devices like smart home cameras and robotic vacuums.

OptoGPT for improving solar cells, smart windows, telescopes and more

Taking advantage of the transformer neural networks that power large language models, engineers can get recipes for materials with the optical properties they need.

Health - Jul 17

COVID accelerated declines in dementia trends for US older adults

Study: Dementia prevalence, incidence and mortality trends among US adults ages 72 and older, 2011-2021.

Health - Jul 17

Safe firearm storage toolkit developed by the University of Michigan now available online

Safe storage toolkit: A digital toolkit designed to support adherence to Michigan's newly enacted safe firearm storage law is now available through the University of Michigan.

Environment - Jul 17

Sea ice’s cooling power is waning faster than its area of extent

A shift in Antarctica's melting trends and slushy Arctic ice pushes warming from changing sea ice toward the upper limits of climate model estimates.

Book Arts: A highlight at Ann Arbor Art Fair

The University of Michigan Libraries, in collaboration with the U-M Arts Initiative, are bringing book arts into focus at this year's Art Fair with Art + Science.

Health - Jul 15

Potential for increasing effectiveness of popular diabetes, weight-loss drugs

New research demonstrates potential for increasing effectiveness of popular diabetes, weight-loss drugs.

Economics - Jul 15

Uber Eats eats into Uber ridesharing

Study: When Uber Eats Its Own Business, and Its Competitors' Too: Resource Exclusivity, Oscillation, and Cannibalization following Platform Diversification.

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