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Climate change will increase value of residential rooftop solar panels across US

Environment - Apr 19

Climate change will increase value of residential rooftop solar panels across US, study shows. Study: Climate change will impact the value and optimal adoption of residential rooftop solar (DOI 10.1038/s41558'024 -01978-4) Climate change will increase the future value of residential rooftop solar panels across the United States by up to 19% by the end of the century, according to a new University of Michigan-led study.

Health - Apr 18

12 U-M faculty named as AAAS fellows

Twelve University of Michigan faculty and staff members have been recognized as 2023 fellows for their extraordinary achievements by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Psychology - Apr 16

Too much screen time? U-M pioneers digital wellness program for youths

Sixth grader Sara Bergman confesses she spends a significant amount of time watching reels-and enjoys it, like most kids her age. Once she starts scrolling through the short videos, stopping is challenging.

Nationwide survey reveals fresh insights about community perceptions of large-scale solar

Survey: Perceptions of Large-Scale Solar Project Neighbors: Results From a National Survey.

Sport - Apr 15

NFL Draft in Detroit: U-M experts available to discuss

The NFL Draft will be held April 25-27 in Detroit. University of Michigan experts are available to discuss the impact on the city and surrounding areas, as well as the league's efforts to grapple with racial disparities and other social issues.

Politics - Apr 15

Survey finds rare bipartisan agreement on housing issues among US voters

EXPERT ADVISORY A new poll conducted for the Financial Times and University of Michigan's Ross School of Business finds neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have a clear advantage on housing affordability.

Career - Apr 10

U-M debate team secures its first national title

After finishing runner-up seven times, the University of Michigan debate team has finally clinched its first national championship.

Better battery manufacturing: Robotic lab vets new reaction design strategy

Mixing unconventional ingredients in just the right order can make complex materials with fewer impurities. The robotic lab that tested the idea could be widely adopted.

Health - Apr 17

Extreme risk protection order: What to know if needed

New toolkit developed by the University of Michigan provides guidance, understanding of Michigan's two-month-old red flag law. The University of Michigan has published a web-based toolkit designed to support the use and implementation of Michigan's new extreme risk protection order, or ERPO, law.

Pedagogy - Apr 16

Keeping up with the Joneses? When it comes to getting better grades, it’s good to be the Andersons

University of Michigan researchers find lower grades given to students with surnames that come later in alphabetical order.

Media - Apr 15

Shadowbanning: Some marginalized social media users believe their content is suppressed

Study: "What are you doing, TikTok?-: How Marginalized Social Media Users Perceive, Theorize, and "Prove- Shadowbanning.

Health - Apr 15

How trauma gets ’under the skin’

A University of Michigan study has shown that traumatic experiences during childhood may get "under the skin- later in life, impairing the muscle function of people as they age.

Career - Apr 10

The evolving attitudes of Gen X toward evolution

Study: The acceptance of evolution: A developmental view of Generation X in the United States (DOI: 10. As the centennial of the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 approaches, a new study illustrates that the attitudes of Americans in Generation X toward evolution shifted as they aged.

Sandvig, Dworkin receive 2023 public engagement awards

The recipients of the 2023 presidential award for public engagement-University of Michigan professors Aaron Dworkin and Christian Sandvig -have made far-reaching impacts through their work in music and computer algorithm auditing, respectively.

Politics - Apr 9

Mexico’s landmark election: A historic shift ahead

EXPERT Q&A Mexico stands on the cusp of a historic moment, poised to elect its first female president amidst the largest electoral process in the nation's history June 2.

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