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Madison, WI 53706
Health - Nov 23
Cancerous tumors that aren't candidates for surgery or chemotherapy sometimes respond well to alternatives like immunotherapy, but even cutting-edge cancer treatments that harness the immune system have their limits. A recent study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison points toward a potential new approach for pushing the limits of immunotherapy, opening a door to more effective treatment of inoperable tumors and metastatic cancer.
Chemistry - Nov 22

As a growing number of communities are forced to confront PFAS contamination in their groundwater, a key hurdle in addressing this harmful group of chemicals lies in unraveling how they move through a region of the environment called the unsaturated zone - a jumble of soil, rock and water sandwiched between the ground's surface and the water table below.

Life Sciences

While the physical differences between humans and non-human primates are quite distinct, a new study reveals their brains may be remarkably similar.

Environment - Nov 1

A new study shows that carefully placed no-fishing zones can provide benefits for both fishers and fish populations.

Health - Oct 28

In a world still reeling from COVID-19, infectious disease researchers are eager to head off the next pandemic before it has the chance to spill over from animals to humans.

Agronomy - Oct 17

Read this release in Portuguese. Depending on where it's from, your next steak could come with a side of illegal deforestation. That's because despite improvements by meatpackers to keep their supply chains free of cattle grazed on protected or illegally deforested lands, many slaughterhouses in Brazil - the world's top beef exporter - continue to purchase illegally pastured animals on a large scale.

Health - Sep 26

For the first time, scientists will be able to test therapeutics for a group of rare neurodegenerative diseases that affect infants and young children thanks to a new research model created by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Health - Sep 15

Cells from miniature pigs are paving the way for improved stem cell therapies.

Physics - Nov 18

Developed by University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers, a lightweight, ultra-shock-absorbing foam could vastly improve helmets designed to protect people from strong blows.

Astronomy - Nov 3

On Earth, billions of subatomic particles called neutrinos pass through us every second, but we never notice because they rarely interact with matter.

Health - Oct 31

The early months of the COVID-19 pandemic were marked by far higher death rates among Black people than white people in the United States.

Microtechnics - Oct 21

Wearing an exosuit could help people rehab from an injury or even give them extra oomph if they're carrying something heavy.

Astronomy - Sep 28

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center is providing fast turn-around satellite data to NASA as part of a push for timelier tracking and monitoring of wildfires.

Life Sciences - Sep 16
Life Sciences

Bacteria, the smallest living organisms in the world, form communities where unified bodies of individuals live together, contribute a share of the property and share common interests.

Life Sciences

At first blush, sticklebacks might seem a bit pedestrian. The finger-length, unassuming fish with a few small dorsal spines are a ubiquitous presence in oceans and coastal watersheds around the northern hemisphere.

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