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25 May 2024 - University of Bern - Bern
Research Management
PhD candidate (m/f/d) Public Management and Organizationinterest in qualitative empirical research methods; an experience in media analysis is a plus You are motivated to collaborate with...
24 May 2024
Career - Pedagogy
Parenthood in research: the CNRS is leading the way
The breastfeeding room at the LIP6 computer laboratory in Paris. © Clémence Magn Issues linked to parenthood are increasingly featured in the media, particularly the impact of maternity leave on female researchers'
23 May 2024
Campus - Art and Design
Veronica Roberts is leading the Cantor Arts Center into the future
23 May 2024
Astronomy/Space - Computer Science
Austrian Mini-Satellite OPS-SAT Burns Up after Successful Mission
Andreas Hörmer from the Institute of Communication Networks and Satellite Commun For four and a half years, the nanosatellite built at TU Graz acted as a flying laboratory in space to test mission-critical software, operating concepts and new technologies.
23 May 2024
Insights into the quantum world
Insights into the quantum world Media tip: TV report on research in the field of quantum technology
23 May 2024
Research analyses the characteristics of AI-generated deepfakesgenerated by artificial intelligence (AI) that spread through social media feature political representatives and artists and are often linked to...
23 May 2024
Women, people of color drive viewer ratings for top streaming films
Netflix Lauren London, left, and Jonah Hill in a scene from 'You People,' a Netf co-founder of the report and director of UCLA's Entertainment and Media Research Initiative. "Once again, we found that successful streaming...
23 May 2024
Health - Innovation
Young people needed for AI-driven vaping prevention studycan fill out this form to express their interest in participating. Media contact Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences...
23 May 2024
Campus - Computer Science
School of Engineering welcomes new facultyfrom the University of Southern California, an MS from the MIT Media Lab, and a PhD from Harvard University. Yael Kalai PhD '06 will...
22 May 2024
Campus - Social Sciences
Stanford springs into wellness
22 May 2024
Music - Campus
Stanford Live announces 2024-25 season
22 May 2024
Campus - Health
Lab introduces students to biomedical research tools
22 May 2024
Campus - Economics
Provost presents 2024-25 budget plan to Faculty Senate
22 May 2024
University of Glasgow contributes to award winning film on impact of deindustrialisationpowerfully." The animation, created by the award-winning agency media co-op, was screened for the first time this week at a meeting with...
22 May 2024
Career - Media
Nearly a third of Welsh journalists are considering leaving the sectorlead Dr Marlen Komorowski, based at the School of Journalism, Media and Culture, said: "For the first time, we're able to see in granular...
22 May 2024
Art and Design - Environment
UCLA plays a pivotal role in Getty PST ART, the nation's largest art event
Javier Lazo Gutiérrez Artists Porfirio Gutiérrez and Tanya Aguiñiga talk and wea for its pioneering efforts to preserve and showcase moving image media, will present "Science Fiction Against the Margins," a 12-night film...
22 May 2024
Risk spirals and collective ignorance
Illustration by Katalin Kántor safety regulation, suitability and affordability criteria. The media and opinion leaders also play a role in drawing attention to risks....
22 May 2024
Innovation - Economics
Communicating innovation provides social value to R&D&Ifocusing on the contribution of R&D&I communication channels and media, was moderated by the founder and CEO of inBusiness 5.0, Francisco...
22 May 2024
Life Sciences - Psychology
The double face of fentanyl: the neuronal basis of opioid addiction
C ells with mu-opioid receptors are activated in the ventral tegmental area duri Scientists from the University of Geneva have discovered that fentanyl leads to the activation of two distinct cell populations in the brain, first when the drug is taken and then during withdrawal, suggesting a novel model for opioid addiction.
22 May 2024 - University of Basel - Basel
Informations- und Kommunikationsbibliothekar*in UB Basel, Standort UB Medizin 50%

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