Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Closing Date15 September 2009
WorkplaceLausanne, Lake Geneva region, Switzerland
Life Sciences
PositionPhD Program
Occupation rate100%
Job StartDeadlines for applications: January 15th, April 30th and September 15th
The Doctoral Program in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering trains chemical engineers and molecular scientists through academic research. It offers a large selection of internal and external graduate courses.
All aspects of modern biotechnology, biophysical chemistry, molecular biology, bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, preparative inorganic and organic chemistry, natural product and target synthesis, glycochemistry and glycobiology, catalysis, organometallic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, molecular modelling, electrochemistry, spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, photonics and surface sciences can be studied.
Our school gives the possibility to chemists and biochemists to become experts in the manufacturing of sophisticated substances and materials of high added value applying the methods of modern chemical engineering and biotechnology.
Our program works with the neighboring Universities of Lausanne and Geneva and in a special partnership with the Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau (Paris) and the Universities of Paris 6, Paris 11, Bordeaux and Louvain-la-Neuve.
PhD candidates who have obtained a Master Degree or an equivalent title with at least 6 months of personal research work.
Depending on the school where the degree has been obtained + the grades realized by the candidate, an admission exam might be required. The committee of the Doctoral School in chemistry and chemical engineering evaluate s each candidate.
Exceptionally, candidates with only a Bachelor Degree but with excellent grades can apply.

Annelene Odegaard

Batochime 5306

1015 Lausanne