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Social Sciences - Campus - 30.11.2022
Helping students appreciate their cultural and intersectional identities
Meet Dr. Sandra Lopez-Rocha from the Student Success Office By Tracelyn Cornelius University Relations Born in Mexico, Dr. Sandra Lopez-Rocha has been working in the field of intercultural learning since the mid 1990s, at a time when the field experienced exponential growth.

Health - Campus - 30.11.2022
COVID has 'ruptured' social skills of the world's poorest children
COVID has ’ruptured’ social skills of the world’s poorest children
Two interlinked studies, involving 8,000 primary pupils altogether, indicate children lost at least a third of a year in learning during lockdown.

Campus - Career - 30.11.2022
What are the UB students like? 
Acadèmic The results of the survey "The students' living and study conditions" have been published.

Health - Campus - 30.11.2022

Computer Science - Campus - 30.11.2022
Ushering in a new era of computing
Dan Huttenlocher is a professor of electrical engineering and computer science and the inaugural dean at MIT Schwarzman College of Computing.

Campus - Computer Science - 29.11.2022

Campus - 28.11.2022
Recognizing women engineers
Mary Wells, dean of Waterloo Engineering, reflects on the Montreal Massacre and the need for women engineers By Mary Wells Faculty of Engineering December 6, 1989. That day, which cast a shadow on all our campuses, is forever etched in my memory. I was a recent engineering student graduate from McGill University when 14 women were murdered at École Polytechnique de Montréal in an antifeminist mass shooting.

Campus - Career - 28.11.2022

Campus - Innovation - 28.11.2022
Celebrating 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' at MIT
Celebrating ’Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ at MIT
During a special screening of the latest Marvel Studios production, students shared their enthusiasm at seeing MIT on the big screen.

Campus - Research Management - 25.11.2022

Campus - Linguistics / Literature - 25.11.2022

Economics / Business - Campus - 25.11.2022

Campus - 24.11.2022

Campus - 24.11.2022
TU/e students build world's largest working Nintendo controller
TU/e students build world’s largest working Nintendo controller
Thanks to student association Thor, everyone on TU/e campus can play Super Mario in XL format. The megacontroller measures 6 by 2.5 meters and is based on the popular Super Nintendo from the nineties.

History / Archeology - Campus - 23.11.2022

Computer Science - Campus - 23.11.2022

Campus - Economics / Business - 22.11.2022

Environment - Campus - 22.11.2022
1.4 million euros for research on circular renovation
1.4 million euros for research on circular renovation
TU/e leads the research on sustainable renovations in construction A consortium led by principal investigator Lisanne Havinga , assistant professor at the research group Building Performance, and co
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