Free online learning opportunities for staff this term

In this article we outline some of the bite-sized free online courses available to staff this term.

Explore the full range of learning options available on our Learning and Development webpage. We are continually refreshing the range of learning on offer.

  • Mixed Mental Arts Enrol here

A unique Mixed Mental Arts(TM) programme from award-winning Tough Cookie, a guided seven-week journey of short playful experiments, the latest psychology and neurobiology research and a toolkit of practical techniques. Ideal for anyone working under pressure or wanting to adopt new coping strategies. 

  • Mental Health Aware Enrol here 

Designed for student-facing staff to develop mental health awareness and improve knowledge of common mental health conditions so that we can provide the best support to our students during these challenging times. Future dates include 22 January and 26 January. To view and enrol in other dates, navigate to this course dates page.

  • Sleep strategies Enrol here  

Showcases the impact of sleep on your health, wellbeing and performance and provides practical techniques to help optimise sleep patterns. 

  • Project management essentials (three-part series) Join Waiting List here

Suitable for anyone who is coordinating several activities with multiple deadlines and stakeholders. Participants will be auto enrolled on follow-up sessions, scheduled on 28 January and 1 February.  All three sessions must be completed in sequence.  

  • The psychology of remote working Enrol here  

An opportunity to learn important psychological influences on the success of remote working, for both leaders and team members. 

  • Leading wellbeing conversations Enrol here 

To help leaders and managers create and sustain psychologically safe working environments; learning how to develop a working culture that has a positive impact on the performance of their team, looking after our people and empowering others to look after themselves and each other. Future dates include 11 February and 15 February. To view and enrol in other dates, navigate to this course dates page.

  • Courageous conversations (two-part series) Enrol here 

Helps managers learn new strategies for challenging conversations such as giving constructive feedback etc. This has a follow-up optional session to complement with two sessions to choose from on 10 February (limited seats).  

  • Introduction to Imposter Syndrome Enrol here 

For anyone who seeks to understand why outwardly confident and capable people feel themselves to be less than competent and why it appears to be an ongoing cycle that is difficult to change. A deeper dive follow-up session is scheduled on 23 February.  

  • Financial wellbeing: foundation Enrol here

Ideal for early/mid-career staff needing to learn the basics of financial planning. 

  • Coping with loss Enrol here

Suitable for anyone who would benefit from a safe space with an experienced coach to reflect on their needs in the workplace and share their ideas with others following a personal bereavement. 

  • Financial wellbeing: protection Enrol here

Ideal for early/mid-career staff needing general advice on personal financial planning to protect lifestyle and financial dependents if income is lost through ill health or death. 

  • Introduction to coaching skills Enrol here  

Managers will be introduced to simple tools and techniques they can use to develop people effectively.  

  •  Deeper dive to Imposter Syndrome Enrol here  

An opportunity to explore practical strategies for outwardly confident and capable people who are feeling less than competent.

  • Preparing for maternity/adoption Enrol here

For mothers-to-be, seeking a safe space to explore practical tools and resources together in preparation for parenthood or adoption.

  • Pre-retirement planning (two-part series) Enrol here

For anyone who is retiring imminently or considering retirement within the next two years. Introduces the issues affecting your retirement financially and focuses on the occupational pension schemes such as USS and SAUL. This has a journey of a required follow-up session scheduled on 25 February and you will be auto enrolled. 

  • Risk management essentials (two-part series) Enrol here

Suitable for anyone who would benefit from learning new approaches for managing and mitigating risk as part of everyday work at UCL. This has a journey of required follow-up sessions scheduled on 3 and 9 March, and you will be auto enrolled.  All three sessions must be completed in sequence.  

  • Preparing for a career break/sabbatical Enrol here

Ideal for staff preparing to take an extended period of leave of more than six weeks to help them reflect on the possible emotions they are experiencing and support them with practical preparations.  

  • Returning from maternity/adoption Enrol here

For female identifying staff, seeking a safe space to discuss practical implications of returning to work and to explore strategies for finding a good balance between family and work life.
If you have any questions, or if you’re having technical issues with enrolment, please get in touch directly and we will be happy to support you.

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