Grants for Open Science and FAIR Research IT projects

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To help UU researchers make their work more open, two funds will start accepting applications from 15 November 2022 onwards. The FAIR Research IT Innovation Fund awards grants between 25,000 or 50,000 for staff who want to do research IT projects according to the principles of FAIR. In addition, the opens. Employees can apply for a grant between 10,000 and 15,000 for an open science project. Both funds will accept applications until 13 January 2023.

A new fund for FAIR Research IT

Utrecht University’s FAIR Research IT programme aims to provide research teams with the best possible support in the field of research IT. Structurally and on a large scale, with an emphasis on repeatability, so that solutions and knowledge previously developed can be reused by others. Those solutions should comply with FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles.

FAIR Research IT Innovation Fund: conditions and criteria

The FAIR Research IT Innovation Fund helps to realise this ambition and is there for all kinds of Research IT. The proposal must contribute to specific software, data management, collaboration, integration, computing, knowledge or organisational improvements in Research IT. Other criteria are the context of the proposal, the plan and the budget.

FAIR Research IT Innovation Fund Application

Find the criteria of the Research Fair IT Fund here and read how to apply for financial contribution. Still have questions? Then send an email to

The OS Fund: experimenting with Open Science

With a contribution from the , a team can make parts of their work open. Through the fund, employees (scientific and non-scientific) of UU and UMC Utrecht have the opportunity to experiment with working in an open science way.

Open Science Fund: conditions and criteria

Preference is given to projects that relate to the five open science themes of the university: open access, FAIR data & software, recognition and appreciation, public engagement and open education. The project must have the potential for wide application in other research areas, university education or operations. View all the requirements and assessment criteria.

Open Science Fund applications

Find the Open Science Fund criteria here and read how to apply for financial contribution.

Public Engagement Seed fund

Would you like to apply for an open science activity specifically aimed at involving the general public? Apply to the Public Engagement Seed Fund external link in the autumn. The ’public engagement’ component in this application round of the Open Science Fund is specifically aimed at cooperation with societal stakeholders. Information on this can be found on Utrecht University’s intranet.

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