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Media - 06.01.2022

Media - 17.12.2021
A study analyses Netflix original content in Spain
The "Originals" category on Netflix Spain mainly consists of American productions, with some titles from other countries and few Spanish productions.

Media - Event - 07.12.2021

Social Sciences - Media - 26.11.2021

Media - Health - 25.10.2021
Journalism Increasingly Important in Combatting Disinformation
Journalism Increasingly Important in Combatting Disinformation
Professional quality media, particularly in times of crisis, help to put facts and numbers in context and stem the tide of false information.

Environment - Media - 27.08.2021
Uncertainty spurs scientific progress
SUMMER SERIES: HOW SCIENCE WORKS - Citizens and scientists have two very different ways of reasoning. While citizens find comfort in certainty, scientists need to continually challenge the facts. Is it possible for these two groups to find common ground? Research is by nature a dynamic process. Scientists start with an observation, make a hypothesis, test the hypothesis through experiments, analyze the results, and form a conclusion.

Media - Campus - 13.08.2021
EPFL Wikipedia Project bolsters the School's online visibility
EPFL Wikipedia Project bolsters the School's online visibility
The EPFL Wikipedia Project, which ran from August 2020 to July 2021, boosted EPFL's presence on the free encyclopedia and helped share information about the School's scientific discoveries with its Swiss audience.

Media - 23.07.2021
20 recommendations from 16 experts to improve science communication in Switzerland
The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences has published a first comprehensive assessment report on science communication in Switzerland, made by a group of 16 experts, among which USI professor Suzanne Suggs.

Media - 20.07.2021
Promoting your research: Steps to dissemination and engagement
Highlights from the final session of the Knowledge Exchange training series, facilitated by Rosalinda Quintieri and Hannah Murray, as part of the ESRC Collaboration Labs Programme, The University of Manchester.

Campus - Media - 13.07.2021
Students make the news by producing original data journalism
EPFL and UNIL students collaborated with professional journalists to write data-driven articles on key social issues - family and money - for publication in the Tribune de Genève and other news outlets of Tamedia.

Media - 06.07.2021
Call for greater focus on media diversity
Call for greater focus on media diversity
Leading figures from British film, television, and the media including Sir Lenny Henry, Amma Asante, Adrian Lester, Afua Hirsch and Gary Younge are among contributors to the latest edition of a journal dedicated to championing media diversity.

Media - 01.07.2021
Women Still Severely Underrepresented in Swiss Media
Women are severely underrepresented in Swiss media coverage compared to men. Only about one in four people featured in media reports are female.

Media - Politics - 08.04.2021
Press reporting on nuclear waste disposal in Finland and France: national models of watchdog journalism?
Could "watchdog journalism" backfire in societies characterised by high levels of trust? asks Markku Lehtonen, researcher at the Department of Humanities at the UPF and the lead author of the article.

Media - 30.03.2021
Sir Lenny Henry leads media diversity journal launch
New academic and industry journal Representology, which explores diversity in media, was introduced by Sir Lenny Henry, Chancellor of Birmingham City University, in a collaborative event with Cardiff University.

Media - 25.03.2021

Linguistics / Literature - Media - 16.03.2021

Media - 02.03.2021
Research analyses misinformation and media coverage during COVID-19
Media coverage of COVID during the first few months of the pandemic was relatively positive according to several international studies, notes a researcher from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), who has published a paper analysing misinformation processes in the public sphere and the informative ecosystem during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media - 15.01.2021
Baker Institute's experts available to comment on Biden science adviser nominee
Baker Institute’s experts available to comment on Biden science adviser nominee
EXPERT ALERT Jeff Falk 713-348-6775 President-elect also appoints two women to co-chair President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology HOUSTON - (Jan.

Media - 22.12.2020

Media - 08.12.2020
Diversity in the UK’s media industry under the spotlight
Diversity and the UK's media industry will be the subject of a new journal. 'Reprezentology - the Journal for Media and Diversity ', is a collaboration between Cardiff University and Birmingham City University and examines how the media represents the population it serves.

Health - Media - 24.11.2020
Cambridge Dictionary names ’quarantine’ Word of the Year 2020
'Quarantine' has defeated 'lockdown' and 'pandemic' to be crowned Word of the Year 2020 after data showed it to be one of the most highly searched for on the Cambridge Dictionary.
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