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Social Sciences - Media - 12.04.2021
Debate as a cultural technique: From disputations to conflicts on social media
Debate as a cultural technique: From disputations to conflicts on social media
Are we living in a world of lies, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung recently complained in a commentary on Donald Trump's political communication?

Media - Politics - 08.04.2021
Press reporting on nuclear waste disposal in Finland and France: national models of watchdog journalism?
Could "watchdog journalism" backfire in societies characterised by high levels of trust? asks Markku Lehtonen, researcher at the Department of Humanities at the UPF and the lead author of the article.

Media - 30.03.2021
Sir Lenny Henry leads media diversity journal launch
New academic and industry journal Representology, which explores diversity in media, was introduced by Sir Lenny Henry, Chancellor of Birmingham City University, in a collaborative event with Cardiff University.

Media - 25.03.2021

Linguistics / Literature - Media - 16.03.2021

Media - 02.03.2021
Research analyses misinformation and media coverage during COVID-19
Media coverage of COVID during the first few months of the pandemic was relatively positive according to several international studies, notes a researcher from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), who has published a paper analysing misinformation processes in the public sphere and the informative ecosystem during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media - 15.01.2021
Baker Institute's experts available to comment on Biden science adviser nominee
Baker Institute’s experts available to comment on Biden science adviser nominee
EXPERT ALERT Jeff Falk 713-348-6775 President-elect also appoints two women to co-chair President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology HOUSTON - (Jan.

Media - 22.12.2020

Media - 08.12.2020
Diversity in the UK’s media industry under the spotlight
Diversity and the UK's media industry will be the subject of a new journal. 'Reprezentology - the Journal for Media and Diversity ', is a collaboration between Cardiff University and Birmingham City University and examines how the media represents the population it serves.

Health - Media - 24.11.2020
Cambridge Dictionary names 'quarantine' Word of the Year 2020
Cambridge Dictionary names ’quarantine’ Word of the Year 2020
'Quarantine' has defeated 'lockdown' and 'pandemic' to be crowned Word of the Year 2020 after data showed it to be one of the most highly searched for on the Cambridge Dictionary.

History / Archeology - Media - 28.10.2020

Media - Social Sciences - 26.10.2020
Corona Crisis Increases Media Usage, Reduces Revenues
Corona Crisis Increases Media Usage, Reduces Revenues
In times of uncertainty, people increasingly return to traditional news media. This increased usage has not, however, resulted in additional revenues.

Media - Career - 22.10.2020
Why is progress so slow for Latinos in Hollywood?
After "One Day at a Time" was canceled by Netflix in 2019, fans launched a campaign to save the show, which follows a Cuban-American family.

Media - 01.10.2020
Black women’s digital creativity and online experiences highlighted
Black women's digital creativity is at the forefront of media and cultural production changes in Britain, a Cardiff University academic says.

Media - 16.07.2020

Media - Social Sciences - 13.07.2020
Communicating the
Communicating the "beauty and complexity" of science
With a newly minted PhD, Fernanda de Araújo Ferreira now explores the scientific enterprise through journalism.

Media - 28.05.2020
Social media executive order: U-M experts can discuss
On: on on Facebook on edIn EXPERTS ADVISORY The University of Michigan has experts who can comment on the regulation of media and an expected executive order from President Trump targeting media companies.

Media - 20.05.2020
Making research easy to understand
Making research easy to understand
Whether it is press releases, posts, reports in the university newspaper, podcasts, blog entries, lectures or events for children and school students: in all its diversity, science communication - inf

Media - 19.05.2020
How journalism is covering the COVID-19 pandemic around the world
USI European Journalism Observatory (EJO) has been mapping the impact of the pandemic on journalism in various countries around the world since March with a series of articles on this issue, all available here and constantly updated.

Media - Innovation - 12.05.2020
The virtual made real - new technology for the media of the future
Moving images in the newspaper as in Harry Potter, or digital weather forecasts in the Bern dialect? New media technology is transforming journalism.

Media - 11.05.2020
People’s perception of media messages personalized in real-time
Techniques that personalize media messages in real-time have become increasingly sophisticated. This enables new personalization strategies, such as when people receive an ad on their mobile device that is simultaneously advertised on the TV commercials they're watching.
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