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Music - Astronomy / Space Science - 23.03.2023

Music - Psychology - 16.03.2023
A whole new way to experience classical guitar
"Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music. German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe exquisitely describes the relationship between music and art. From the Middle Agesto the present day, the lute and guitar appear often in paintings as a symbol of music. Art's motivation and inspiration are often adopted in music composition.

Music - Art and Design - 16.03.2023

Innovation - Music - 14.03.2023

Music - 02.03.2023
Jed Gaylin finds his musical home
Jed Gaylin finds his musical home
Maestro Jed Gaylin marks 30 years with Hopkins Symphony Orchestra A concert on March 4 features the longtime music director, who will serve as both conductor and pianist for the spirited program perf

Music - 24.02.2023
Film collective from Ilmenau produces musical series 'Dancing in the Shadow'
Film collective from Ilmenau produces musical series ’Dancing in the Shadow’
A team of students, graduates of the TU Ilmenau as well as external musicians, dancers and filmmakers has realized the musical series "Dancing in the Shadow" at the TU Ilmenau.

Music - Art and Design - 23.02.2023

Music - Innovation - 07.02.2023

Music - 30.01.2023
Blindfolded Rubik’s Cube world champion sets the score (on violin)
The Rubik's Cube. Many of us grew up finding the colorful 3×3 block to be an infuriating, and largely impossible, puzzle of frustration.

History / Archeology - Music - 27.01.2023
'Putting people front and centre': Historian Anna Shternshis keeps Holocaust survivors' stories alive
’Putting people front and centre’: Historian Anna Shternshis keeps Holocaust survivors’ stories alive
For University of Toronto historian Anna Shternshis , understanding the past means connecting with people's stories - or, in the case of her research, their songs.

Music - 12.01.2023
Engineering in harmony
Engineering in harmony
AeroAstro major and accomplished tuba player Frederick Ajisafe relishes the community he has found in the MIT Wind Ensemble.

Music - Event - 10.01.2023

Physics - Music - 04.01.2023
For the love of physics
For the love of physics
Vira Bondar is fascinated by the fundamental questions of physics. She conducts research with ultracold neutrons and is working to make exercise sessions at ETH Zurich even more exciting.

Music - Event - 12.12.2022

Music - Health - 09.12.2022
The Lullaby Project Comes to Pittsburgh
The Lullaby Project , which pairs new and expecting parents with musicians to write a lullaby for their babies, came to Pittsburgh this fall thanks to a partnership between Carnegie Mellon University's School of Music and Allegheny Health Network (AHN).

Music - 07.12.2022

Music - 01.12.2022
Thousandth entry in the Musicals Encyclopedia at the University of Freiburg
Online project aims to document all original performances and premieres of musicals in the German-speaking world since 1945 After three years, the thousandth entry has already been made: The online m

Music - 28.11.2022
Hearing loss: headphones and concerts could put young people at risk - here’s how to protect yourself
A recent study published in BMJ Global Health has estimated that over one billion people worldwide aged 12-34 years could be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Music - 28.11.2022
New edited volume on ’The Chamber Musician in the Twenty-First Century’ by Prof. Dogantan-Dack
Professor Mine Dogantan-Dack publishes new edited volume on The Chamber Musician in the Twenty-First Century (2022, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, Basel).

Music - 07.10.2022
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