New PhD opportunities in science and engineering

Smart surfaces, offshore wind energy and unmanned electric transportation are some of the subjects students will be able to study and research, thanks to new funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Applications are now open for students to start PhDs in September this year within four Centres for Doctoral Training involving Durham University.

Soft matter and industrial innovation

Durham is hosting the Centre for Doctoral Training in Soft Matter for Formulation and Industrial Innovation (SOFI2 CDT) which has received 5.3m of new funding. PhD students can discover how to design, characterise, manufacture and deploy soft materials with applications from foods to detergents, medicines to skin creams, paints to engine oils, and textiles to TV screens.

The students will learn about all aspects of soft matter through team-working on challenges set by industry partners, receive extensive skills training, complete a mini-MBA and have the opportunity to spend three months on an overseas placement.

Three other CDTs involving Durham, covering molecular science for medicine, renewable energy, and offshore wind energy and environment, are also inviting applications from students.

Wind energy and environment

Within the CDT in Offshore Wind Energy and the Environment, students will be working on solutions for the challenges currently facing the offshore wind industry and the low carbon economy. The research will integrate engineering and the environment, secure a “talent pipeline” and drive innovation and investment across the UK.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy research has been given a boost with new funding for the CDT in Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU). Students will be working to create and develop new materials and devices that will convert energy into power at the point of use. The goal is to develop new materials that can be mass-produced, making them sustainable and inexpensive to use.

Molecular science for medicine

The CDT in Molecular Sciences for Medicine (MoSMed) addresses the national need for training the next generation of researchers in the skills needed to work at the interface of molecular and medical sciences. PhD students will develop new approaches to the development of therapies to combat cancer and infections.

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