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Politics - Innovation - 01.12.2016
President Schneider-Ammann attends ESA Ministerial Council
Bern, 01.12.2016 - On 1 December, President Johann N. Schneider-Ammann addressed the ministers of the 22 member states of the European Space Agency ESA and Canada in Lucerne.

Politics - Social Sciences - 01.12.2016
Eun-Jeung Lee Is New Member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
Director of Institute of Korean Studies at Freie Universität Berlin Appointed Full Member in the Humanities Class ' 422/2016 from Dec 01, 2016 Eun-Jeung Lee, the director of the Institute of Korean S

Social Sciences - Politics - 30.11.2016
Penn Prof’s Research on Mass Incarceration Informs Documentary, Museum Exhibit
After studying the origins and politics of mass incarceration , Marie Gottschalk of the University of Pennsylvania has taken her research one step further by introducing the idea of a 'carceral state

Social Sciences - Politics - 30.11.2016
Steppe by steppe
Steppe by steppe
Anthropologists often work best with one foot inside a society and one foot outside it: They are steeped in a culture, but detached enough to analyze it.

Politics - Administration - 29.11.2016
The Reason Trump Wanted Cuba Restrictions: The 2020 Election
President Donald Trump's reversal of his predecessor's Cuban policies proves once again that all politics are local.

Politics - 28.11.2016
Resistance and the rebirth of inclusion
My, our, disagreement with Trump is in fact rooted in his support for oppression against people that he and his supporters see as other, and against their denial for their humanity and their right to exist.

Religions - Politics - 22.11.2016
Opinion: Urban activists are forging diverse communities in a divided Europe - here's how
Opinion: Urban activists are forging diverse communities in a divided Europe - here’s how
Shana Cohen and colleagues from the Woolf Institute argue that the political left in Europe should look to the local cooperation across religious and cultural divisions that is already going on across the continent.

Administration - Politics - 21.11.2016

Administration - Politics - 21.11.2016

Politics - 21.11.2016
Opinion: Angela Merkel to run again: why she's the antithesis of Donald Trump in a post-truth world
Opinion: Angela Merkel to run again: why she’s the antithesis of Donald Trump in a post-truth world
In this article, Katharina Karcher from the Department of German and Dutch discusses the election prospects of the self-described 'chancellor for turbulent times'.

Politics - 18.11.2016
Pro-Trump camp ’colonised’ pro-Clinton Twitter campaign
Researchers have revealed the scale of automated account activity, including bots, during the US Election. The pro-Trump camp used it 'up to five times as much as Clinton supporters' and employed it aggressively, crowding out Clinton messaging on Twitter. A growing number of political movements are employing both people and 'bots' to shape political conversations and influence election results.

Politics - 18.11.2016
'Crudity and incivility' boosted Trump's appeal
‘Crudity and incivility’ boosted Trump’s appeal
United States President-elect Donald Trump's "crudity and incivility" increase his appeal, says a prophetic book chapter co-authored by a Queensland academic several months ago, and due to be published in the New Year.

Politics - Economics / Business - 18.11.2016
Stanford experts discuss polling challenges during the 2016 presidential election cycle
As most of the votes rolled in on the night of Nov. 8 in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, many people across the country expressed surprise over the numbers they were seeing in front of their eyes.

Politics - Career - 17.11.2016
‘Fictitious’ politician one of Wales’ most recognised MEPs
A completely fictitious person, 'Elwyn Davies' is apparently the second-most widely recognised of Wales' representatives in the European Parliament.

Politics - Law - 16.11.2016
Gender and politics expert examines sexism in campaigns
Jennifer Lawless, a nationally recognized expert on women in politics, gave the final talk in the Making of the President Series on Nov.

Social Sciences - Politics - 16.11.2016
Conflicts over Land and Global Change
International Symposium Hosted by GLOCON Junior Research Group at Freie Universität Berlin on December 1 and 2, 2016 ' 399/2016 from Nov 16, 2016 An international symposium to be held on December 1 a

Environment - Politics - 15.11.2016
Views from the VC: whilst the future may look difficult, we should remain optimistic
Views from the VC: whilst the future may look difficult, we should remain optimistic
Views from the VC: whilst the future may look difficult, we should remain optimistic I went to Tokyo last week as one of two people representing the UK at the first meeting of the 'G7 Working Group on Open Science'.

Philosophy - Politics - 15.11.2016
Is empathy a luxury in the age of Trump?
The election of Barack Obama marked the emergence of the Tea Party, a radical right-wing movement that challenged the Republican establishment and ultimately fueled the rise of Donald Trump.

Politics - 14.11.2016
Australia should drawdown from Iraq when Mosul falls
We should make a point of saying that once Mosul falls, we're out. There's not much to be gained by extending our conventional military involvement from that point onwards.

Politics - Economics / Business - 10.11.2016
Political scientist Adam Levine recaps presidential election
Adam Levine spoke to a standing-room-only crowd in McGraw Hall Nov. 10 as faculty and students joined his American Political Campaigns class for a 2016 election recap.

Computer Science - Politics - 10.11.2016
Deciphering election polling, from algorithms and youth votes to the Electoral College
Deciphering election polling, from algorithms and youth votes to the Electoral College
The outcome of the 2016 general election in the United States was momentous and surprising. Yet some commentaries seem to suggest that means we need to rethink our basic understandings of voters and elections.

Politics - Economics / Business - 10.11.2016
Texas Democrats Must Organize Latinos to Turn "Purple"
It's been a constant refrain of Texas Democrats, wandering in the electoral wilderness for 20 years: When the Hispanic electorate finally arrives at the polls in the numbers they make up in the state's population, everything will change.

Politics - Social Sciences - 09.11.2016
Stanford experts discuss the deep political divide in the U.S
Stanford experts discuss the deep political divide in the U.S
Most political scientists and experts agree that the 2016 presidential election stands out for an unprecedented level of discord in the country's political sphere.

Politics - Administration - 08.11.2016
Political scientist explains rising tensions in Jerusalem
The recent UNESCO World Heritage Committee Resolution on Jerusalem's Old City was the backdrop for Miriam Elman's Nov.

Law - Politics - 08.11.2016
UQ law academic calls for greater public engagement in politics
UQ law academic calls for greater public engagement in politics
Modern democracies need to break through wooden political sloganeering and judicial paternalism to reach a more rational, cooperative and democratic process, according to UQ law Professor Graeme Orr.

Politics - 08.11.2016
Swiss politics is increasingly dominated by an urban-rural divide
Swiss politics is increasingly dominated by an urban-rural divide
According to Koseki, Swiss people in the area stretching from Geneva to Bern and St. Gallen increasingly share interests.

Politics - Social Sciences - 04.11.2016
Trump v Clinton: UQ experts available to comment
Trump v Clinton: UQ experts available to comment
Experts from The University of Queensland are available to comment on various aspects of the United States Presidential Election.

Environment - Politics - 03.11.2016
Energy secruity for Europe
Energy secruity for Europe
Energy security is a burning issue in a world where 1.4 billion people still have no access to electricity.

Administration - Politics - 03.11.2016
Faculty give their take on an unsettling presidential election
Jamila Michener, assistant professor of government, Bruce Lewenstein, chair and professor of science and technology studies and professor of communication, Sergio Garcia-Rios, assistant professor in

Politics - Career - 03.11.2016
Money in politics focus of Cline Symposium, featuring director of watchdog
Money in politics focus of Cline Symposium, featuring director of watchdog
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — "Money in American politics" will be the theme of a University of Illinois symposium starting Friday, Nov.

Politics - Administration - 03.11.2016
Electoral Politics Should Be a Young Person’s Game
A common saying in politics is that young people don't vote. This isn't entirely true, but it's also not entirely false.

Economics / Business - Politics - 02.11.2016
How has the definition of 'effective leadership' changed?
How has the definition of ‘effective leadership’ changed?
Many political attack ads focus on opposing candidates' fitness for leadership roles and any potential faltering in their commitment to key values and policy objectives across time.

Politics - Law - 02.11.2016
Brexit: Listen to experts from Cambridge and beyond discuss how, why and what next for Brexit Britain
Listen to some of the talks that were given as part of the University's 'Brexit Week' series, which took place from 18 - 22 October.

Politics - 02.11.2016
"Trump won’t just disappear if he loses"
Research news Hillary Clinton is currently the favorite in the US presidential election.

Religions - Politics - 02.11.2016
Holbein’s Dance Of Death - the 16th Century Charlie Hebdo
He is best remembered for the magnificent portraits he produced as the court painter of Henry VIII; but a new study of Hans Holbein's famous 'Dance Of Death' suggests that he also had strong anti-establishment views, creating works which foreshadowed modern satire.

Media - Politics - 02.11.2016
Voting is Not Rigged. It Is Power
The moment a presidential candidate lodged an accusation that the 2016 election is 'rigged,' the campaign rhetoric started to feel personal.

Politics - 01.11.2016
Hoover poll shows Trump facing historic defeat in California
A new poll of California voters by Stanford University's Bill Lane Center and the Hoover Institution also shows State Attorney General Kamala Harris leading Rep.

Politics - History / Archeology - 31.10.2016
Research From Penn Prof Michael Leja Explores the Art of Elections
Michael Leja , a history of art professor and chair of the history of art graduate group at the University of Pennsylvania says today's standard of hyper-mediatized presidential campaigns started wit

Politics - Earth Sciences - 27.10.2016
Book by political scientist Victor Menaldo debunks notion of 'resource curse'
Book by political scientist Victor Menaldo debunks notion of ’resource curse’
A "resource curse” is the idea that countries with lots of nonrenewable natural resources such as hydrocarbons and minerals historically tend to be burdened with corrupt governments and underdeveloped economies.

Politics - 27.10.2016
Poll: Support for Trump Increases, Divisiveness Remains
AUSTIN, Texas - In the first public statewide poll since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, 46 percent of Texas voters approve of the job he is doing as president, and 44 percent disapprove.

Politics - 26.10.2016
Research study expects EU gas supply mix to change
Research study expects EU gas supply mix to change fundamentally - European production will decline but EU remains in a strong strategic position Despite a projected decline in European gas productio

Politics - 25.10.2016
Elvis is alive and the Moon landings were faked: the (conspiracy) theory of everything
As a global population we are awash with conspiracy theories. But what effect do these really have on the public as we go about our day-to-day lives, asks a team of Cambridge researchers.

Politics - Social Sciences - 24.10.2016
Einaudi lecturer will link cybersecurity and national security
How serious a threat is cyberwarfare? Does it fundamentally change the nature of international conflict, or does it simply provide combatants with another set of tools and techniques? Debates about c

Physics - Politics - 21.10.2016
Opinion: Thirty years on as ’new Cold War’ looms, US and Russia should remember the Rekyjavik summit
David Reynolds (Faculty of History) and Kristina Spohr (London School of Economics and Political Science) discuss current relations between the US & Russia, and whether there are any lessons to be learned from the era of détente and the end of the Cold War in the 1970s and 1980s.

Administration - Politics - 20.10.2016
No public consensus on Brexit?
New polling data released by a Cardiff University research unit suggests that there is no evidence of any emerging consensus amongst Welsh people on what should be achieved from the 'Brexit' negotiations following the referendum held on 23 June 2016. The data shows that a majority of those that voted to Leave the European Union (EU) want to see a 'hard Brexit' deal whilst, in stark contrast, many of those who voted to Remain in the EU want to reverse the referendum decision and stay in the union.

Politics - 20.10.2016
Don’t discount the youth vote
In a Wide Angle video, Emilee Chapman, assistant professor of political science, says that increasing turnout among young voters requires greater recognition among politicians and society as a whole that their issues deserve attention.

Environment - Politics - 20.10.2016
By nixing coal, Iceland grabs green with geothermal heat
Icelandic engineer Thorleikur Johannesson explains Iceland's historic backstory for abandoning coal in favor of the greener geothermal agency.

Politics - 20.10.2016
Rigging the election? - rhetoric vs. reality
Rigging the election? - rhetoric vs. reality
Just hours before Donald Trump made international news by refusing to say he would accept the results of the Nov.