The SDGs and USI. Fighting climate change

Credits: Stefan Hendricks / Alfred-Wegener-Institut. Source:

Credits: Stefan Hendricks / Alfred-Wegener-Institut. Source: License: CC-BY 4.0

As in the city of Leonia imagined by Calvino, brand-new consumer goods are repurchased every day accumulating ever more impressive mountains of waste. We never ask ourselves, "where the garbage men take their load every day?". We live in a constant state of oblivion and distraction regarding the issue of environmental protection. Has any action against climate change been slowed down by the concept of "men at the centre of everything"- Or could this concept boost the protection of our ecosystem? And again, what can we do to optimise our actions and rethink our paradigms?

We tackle Sustainability Goal 13, "Fighting Climate Change", from the perspectives of the Humanities, Informatics and Architecture, together with Stefano Prandi, Professor of Italian Literature at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society and Director of the Institute of Italian Studies at USI; Cesare Alippi , Alberto Ferrante and Slobodan Lukovic , respectively Professor and Researcher at USI Faculty of Informatics; and Sascha Roesler , Professor at USI Academy of Architecture.

The series: #Fucine (forges). Perspectives for shaping today and tomorrow.

Some of the significant challenges of the modern world and the role of knowledge in understanding and facing them. Starting from the UN 2030 Agenda goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs), we propose a series of ten articles in collaboration with Corriere del Ticino on the occasion of USI’s 25th anniversary. With the guidance of USI experts, we present and ponder the areas of knowledge in which our University is active - architecture, communication, law, economics, computer science, medicine and biomedicine, public health, computational science, data science and the humanities - and their role in forging ideas, perspectives and visions to help shape the present and the future. Each article will begin with a UN objective and three angles: one will offer a more in-depth snapshot, the other two complementary "flashes".

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