Working together to beat burglary

Working together to beat burglary

PA 76/11

University of Nottingham students are teaming up with the police to take a proactive stance on crime prevention as part of the ‘Love your stuff’ campaign.

On Thursday, March 10, student ambassadors will join local police officers to provide simple information to students living off-campus, which if followed should reduce their chances of becoming victims of burglary.

By knocking on doors in areas with a large population of students, the ambassadors will encourage their peers to: close all windows and lock all doors before going out, put all laptops and valuables out of sight and use the free services available to mark property so that it can be traced.

Students will also receive free door-hangers which will act as a permanent reminder of the crime prevention advice given out.

Melanie Futer, Off-Campus Student Affairs Manager, said: “The fact is that burglary in Nottinghamshire has decreased but there is still more to be done and we’re very hopeful that we can spread the crime prevention message further by working closely with students and the police.

“We’re hoping that by offering some simple advice, we can help more students to take responsibility for their possessions and make sure they don’t give burglars any chances.”

This is the third year that the ‘Love Your Stuff’ crime prevention campaign has taken place, coinciding with an overall reduction in crime across Nottingham. According to Inspector Anwaar Ahmed, from Canning Circus Police Station, it is projects like these which have helped the police to improve the figures.

He said: “This fall in crime is the result of good police operations targeting prolific criminals, excellent partnership work in increasing crime prevention, among the students and the Neighbourhood Policing teams to every community in Nottingham.”

As part of this partnership, Nottinghamshire police, along with other police forces in the country are promoting immobilize; a free database allowing people to register their valuables online. In the event that the registered valuable is stolen, immobilize aides in notifying law enforcement, your insurer, and the second-hand trade and thus assists in recovering your property and catching the thief.

More information on crime prevention is available at , or you can find out more about the ‘Love your stuff’ campaign at

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