National Metrology Institute, METAS

National Metrology Institute, METAS

National Metrology Institute, METAS   link
Location: Bern - Bern region
Lindenweg 50, 3084 Köniz

Category: Physics

Mission and objectives

Reliable, uniform, internationally recognized metrology is an essential prerequisite for trade in measurable goods, industrial manufacturing, research, measurable services, transportation and the protection and safety of people and environment .

To fulfil this mission, METAS focuses on two main objectives :
  • The measurements required for the protection and safety of our society are always completed correctly and according to legal regulations - in trade, transportation, public safety, healthcare and environmental protection.
  • The measurement, verification, and certification infrastructure is available to the Swiss economy and to industry for research, production, and services as required for scientific, technical or economic reasons and for quality assurance .

Therefore the metrological activities of METAS mainly focus on measurement units and the testing of measurement equipment, but not verification or measuring with the aid of this measurement equipment itself. As a national metrology institute, the activities of METAS are outside of the market. METAS does not participate in the market directly, but avoids direct competition of its customers (complementarity principle). The activities of METAS are designed to enable its customers to measure, verify, or evaluate conformity correctly and as accurately as possible .


The METAS tasks result from its legally established mission:

METAS ensures that measurements required for trade and transportation, healthcare, public safety, and the environment can be carried out with sufficient accuracy and according to internationally recognized criteria (preparing legislation, oversight of metrology).

METAS develops the national measurement base (physical implementation, international comparison and mutual recognition of measurement units), operates the laboratories required for this purpose and conducts the necessary research and development.

METAS provides the Swiss economy, administration and scientific community with internationally recognized reference measurements according to the current state-of-the-art and with the required degree of accuracy (propagation of measurement units).

METAS appoints professional and competent centres to evaluate the conformance of measurement equipment as part of bilateral agreements with the European Community.

METAS operates its own conformance evaluation centre to verify and certify measurement equipment and the management systems of measurement equipment manufacturers.

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