Secrets of cave from the Early Upper Palaeolithic, when Neanderthals and the first Homo sapiens co-existed

History & Archeology

VUB researcher reveals secrets of cave from the Early Upper Palaeolithic, when Neanderthals and the first Homo sapiens co-existed. Mughr el-Hamamah, meaning "pigeon cave" in Arabic, is a site in northwestern Jordan, renowned for its prehistoric findings dating between 39,000 and 45,000 years old. Numerous stone tools, hearths, and animal and hominin bones have been excavated there.

Antisemitism in the history of Raiffeisen?

History & Archeology

On behalf of Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative, researchers examined the beginnings of the Raiffeisen movement in Switzerland. Their focus was on antisemitism as well as Raiffeisen during National Socialism.

Prehistoric eyed idols spread across the Iberian Peninsula from the Serpis River basin, according to a study with Artificial Intelligence

History & Archeology

A Digital Archaeology pioneering study has revealed that the eyed idols of the Iberian Peninsula, prehistoric figures carved from long bones that repr

Make yourself at home... 40,000 years ago

History & Archeology

An UdeM study unveils fresh insights into how Neanderthals and Homo sapiens organized their living spaces at the Riparo Bombrini site in northern Italy.

When Did the Chicken Cross the Road? New Evidence from Central Asia

History & Archeology

New research reveals that chickens were widely raised across southern Central Asia from 400 BCE through medieval periods and likely dispersed along the ancient Silk Road.

Media - Mar 11

News reports that don’t report magnitude of scientific findings could mislead the public

Study: A Practical Significance Bias in Laypeople's Evaluation of Scientific Findings (DOI: 10. When media coverage doesn't include the numerical magnitude of a scientific study's effect, the risk of people having biases increases significantly, according to a new University of Michigan study.

Religions - Apr 15

Q&A: How claims of anti-Christian bias can serve as racial dog whistles

In a speech to a group of religious broadcasters in February, Donald Trump promised to create a task force to counter "anti-Christian bias," which he said would investigate the "discrimination, harassment and persecution against Christians in America.

A protohistoric burial site at Marliens (Côte-d’Or)

History & Archeology

Inrap archaeologists conducted an excavation at Marliens, some twenty kilometers east of Dijon, prior to the extension of a gravel pit (Eqiom) in the Ouche valley, a tributary of the Saône.

Finds at Schöningen show wood was crucial raw material 300,000 years ago

History & Archeology

Research team discovers sophisticated processing of archaeological wood.

Media - Mar 26

Do food and drink preferences influence migration flows?

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research used Facebook data to investigate the influence of cultural similarities on migration flows and found that cultural proximity plays as important a role in the choice of destination country as shared language and history.

Rabana-Merquly: Was the Mountain Fortress also a Parthian-Era Sanctuary?

History & Archeology

Archaeological excavations in Iraqi Kurdistan point to a place of worship for the water goddess Anahita.

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