Industry-linked studentship to research cancer protein mechanisms

UCL Centre Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine
Ark Therapeutics Ltd

UCL Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine has received funding for a four-year, industry-linked PhD studentship from the Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council (BBSRC), tenable from October 2009.

The research, in collaboration with Ark Therapeutics Ltd, will focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms mediating the action of neuropilin 1, a protein receptor implicated in cancer and angiogenic disease.

The award aims to support the provision of multidisciplinary research training between industry and academia that will enhance the student experience and provide a range of skills that will help strengthen the research workforce.

Paul Frankel, principal research scientist at Ark Therapeutics Ltd, will be the primary supervisor for the student, while Professor Ian Zachary at the UCL Centre of Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine will offer secondary supervision. Frankel commented: ‘We believe that the awarding of this studentship represents an exciting development in the partnership between Ark Therapeutics Ltd and UCL.’

This studentship joins the 10 industry-linked awards from the MRC allocated to UCL in January 2009.

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