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Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 15.06.2017
Cornell CubeSat wins ride into space with NASA in 2019
The Cislunar Explorers' ground station, which will track the team's CubeSat as it attempts to orbit the moon, was built in May on the roof of Rhodes Hall.

Mechanical Engineering - Health - 08.06.2017
Chemicals used to combat Zika, agricultural pests impact motor skills in infants
ANN ARBORÔ??A chemical currently being used to ward off mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus and a commonly used insecticide that was threatened with a ban in the United States have been associated with reduced motor function in Chinese infants, a University of Michigan study found.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 01.06.2017
New center will push frontiers of sensing technology
New center will push frontiers of sensing technology
In anticipation of the official opening of the new MIT.nano building - which will house some of the world's leading facilities supporting research in nanoscience and nanotechnology - MIT last

Mechanical Engineering - Computer Science - 31.05.2017
Wearable system helps visually impaired users navigate
Wearable system helps visually impaired users navigate
Computer scientists have been working for decades on automatic navigation systems to aid the visually impaired, but it's been difficult to come up with anything as reliable and easy to use as the white cane, the type of metal-tipped cane that visually impaired people frequently use to identify clear walking paths.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 26.05.2017
Conch shells spill the secret to their toughness
Conch shells spill the secret to their toughness
The shells of marine organisms take a beating from impacts due to storms and tides, rocky shores, and sharp-toothed predators. But as recent research has demonstrated, one type of shell stands out above all the others in its toughness: the conch. Now, researchers at MIT have explored the secrets behind these shells' extraordinary impact resilience.

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 19.05.2017
Extension, NYS apple growers partner on innovation
Jason Woodworth operates a tractor-mounted Darwin string thinning machine to thin apple blossoms on a fruit wall at the Lamont Fruit Farm in Waterport, New York.

Mechanical Engineering - Earth Sciences - 11.05.2017
Researchers map wind to better harvest energy
Rebecca Barthelmie, left, and Sara Pryor, stand where LIDAR equipment eventually would be placed at the orange grove site, PerdigŃo, Portugal. Cornell scientists and engineers, working with international teams, are seeing wind in high resolution. They are creating the world's largest, most-detailed wind maps ever in the picturesque hills of PerdigŃo, Portugal.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 05.05.2017

Mechanical Engineering - 04.05.2017
Test site for ESA-backed airbreathing engine
Test site for ESA-backed airbreathing engine
Work began today on building the UK's latest rocket engine test facility, designed for firing the engine core of the ESA-backed SABRE propulsion system within three years.

Earth Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 01.05.2017
Geologists use radioactive clock to document longest earthquake record
Using radioactive elements trapped in crystallized, cream-colored 'veins' in New Mexican rock, geologists have peered back in time more than 400,000 years to illuminate a record of earthquakes along the Loma Blanca fault in the Rio Grande rift. It is the longest record of earthquakes ever documented on a fault, showing 13 distinct seismic events - nine of which occurred at regular intervals averaging 40,000-to-50,000 years and four that clustered together just five-to-11,000 years apart.

Mechanical Engineering - Astronomy / Space Science - 21.04.2017
The planet motor: TU Wien presents innovative electric drive
The planet motor: TU Wien presents innovative electric drive
The electric motor is a tried-and-tested concept. This, however, does not mean that there is no more space for revolutionary improvements.

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 19.04.2017
High-speed images capture archer fish's rocket-like launch
High-speed images capture archer fish’s rocket-like launch
The archer fish is arguably the ninja of the aquatic world, known for its stealth-like, arrow-straight aim while shooting down unsuspecting prey.

Computer Science - Mechanical Engineering - 13.04.2017
Policymakers "Flying Blind” Into Future of Work
New kinds of data needed to assess technology's impact on jobs Tom Mitchell says there is a dramatic shortage of information and data about the exact state of the workforce and automation.

Mechanical Engineering - Career - 12.04.2017

Mechanical Engineering - Life Sciences - 29.03.2017
Focusing on mechanics may be key in unlocking the heart's ability to heal itself
Focusing on mechanics may be key in unlocking the heart’s ability to heal itself
Fish do it, amphibians do it, so why can't we' Scientists are questioning why human hearts lose the ability to regenerate, while other animals don't. In a perspective piece researchers from Imperial College London suggest that the loss of this ability may be down to the way the human heart develops.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 29.03.2017
Composites advance at Bristol
Composites advance at Bristol
Composites are the materials of the future and are critical to reducing weight, energy consumption and the generation of CO2 in transport applications.

Mechanical Engineering - 27.03.2017
Ergonomist serves as research consultant on newest LG smartphone
Andris Freivalds,áLucas Professor in the Harold and Inge Marcus Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, provided his team's research findings on the comfort and usability of the LG G6 at the launch of the smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in February. UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Andris Freivalds, a world-renowned expert in the field of human factors and ergonomics, helped lead a team of researchers contracted by LG during the testing of its latest smartphone release.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 27.03.2017
Drug could slow motor neuron disease
Drug could slow motor neuron disease
A drug with the potential to delay the progression of motor neuron disease (MND) could be in human trials within three years. University of Queensland researchers have shown the anti-inflammatory drug PMX205 is effective in animals with the disease, delaying the progression of symptoms and extending survival.

Mechanical Engineering - Event - 22.03.2017
Onwards and upwards for UQ rocket scientist
Onwards and upwards for UQ rocket scientist
A University of Queensland researcher says his prestigious international award for a lifetime of hypersonic research highlights UQ's success in finding a niche in a global field.

Mechanical Engineering - 13.03.2017
Penn State named site of Center for e-Design
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. The National Science Foundation has approved Penn State as a site for the Center for e-Design, an Industry/University Collaborative Research Center (I/UCRC).

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - 09.03.2017
Conquering metal fatigue
Conquering metal fatigue
Metal fatigue can lead to abrupt and sometimes catastrophic failures in parts that undergo repeated loading, or stress.

Mechanical Engineering - Astronomy / Space Science - 08.03.2017
Trajectories to victory
ESA Space in Images Dizzyingly complex orbits charted across space as part of ESA's winning entry in the last Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition.

Mechanical Engineering - 07.03.2017
How cracks are hot and cool: a burning issue for paper
How cracks are hot and cool: a burning issue for paper
Abstract Material failure is accompanied by important heat exchange, with extremely high temperature - thousands of degrees - reached at crack tips.

Mechanical Engineering - 01.03.2017
Gas mileage up a gallon since early ’90s
ANN ARBOR?Despite advancements in fuel-saving technologies over the last 25 years, on-road fuel economy for all vehicles is up only one mile per gallon during that time.

Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 28.02.2017
Waiting for the burn
Waiting for the burn
ESA Space in Images The European propulsion system of the Orion spacecraft has been installed at NASA's White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico and is ready for testing.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 24.02.2017
Successful partnership enters second phase
Successful partnership enters second phase
Campus news SGL Group will renew its commitment to endowing the Chair of Carbon Composites (LCC) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), which began eight years ago.

Environment - Mechanical Engineering - 22.02.2017
MTAA Super to partner with ANU solar car team
The first team from the ANUáto take part in the World Solar Challenge has received a major boost with MTAA Super, the $10 billion Canberra-based superannuation fund, joining the project as its naming sponsor.

Mechanical Engineering - 21.02.2017
Propelling Orion
Propelling Orion
ESA Space in Images Even the most complex of systems comes down to properly configured wires and cables, such as those pictured here on the Propulsion Qualification Model of the Orion service module.

Mathematics - Mechanical Engineering - 16.02.2017
Mathematical models predict how we wait in line, traffic
As New Jersey drivers approach the George Washington Bridge to enter New York City, a digital sign flashes overhead with estimates of the delays on the upper and lower levels of the bridge.

Mechanical Engineering - 14.02.2017
Wind turbines: It's a group effort
Wind turbines: It’s a group effort
Research news Often hundreds of rotors can be installed in a typical wind farm. A little known fact, however, is that the shadowing caused by the wind turbine rotors impacts the performance of neighboring turbines and reduces their lifespan.

Administration - Mechanical Engineering - 09.02.2017
A cocoa pod peeling machine from Garching
A cocoa pod peeling machine from Garching
Even today, cocoa pods are still harvested by hand. In order to relieve the farmers of this work and to reduce the risk of injury, the TUM's Chair of Product Development is developing a cocoa pod splitting machine.

Mechanical Engineering - 09.02.2017
Matthew Cavuto: Getting a leg up on engineering
Matthew Cavuto: Getting a leg up on engineering
Matthew Cavuto, now a senior in MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering, embarked on his career path partly as a result of a talk he heard in high school by MIT Professor Hugh Herr, a double amput

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 08.02.2017
New Mechanical Metamaterials Can Block Symmetry of Motion
AUSTIN, Texas - Engineers and scientists at The University of Texas at Austin and the AMOLF institute in the Netherlands have invented the first mechanical metamaterials that easily transfer motion effortlessly in one direction while blocking it in the other, as described in a paper published on Feb.

Chemistry - Mechanical Engineering - 02.02.2017
Toward all-solid lithium batteries
Toward all-solid lithium batteries
Most batteries are composed of two solid, electrochemically active layers called electrodes, separated by a polymer membrane infused with a liquid or gel electrolyte. But recent research has explored the possibility of all-solid-state batteries, in which the liquid (and potentially flammable) electrolyte would be replaced by a solid electrolyte, which could enhance the batteries' energy density and safety.

Mechanical Engineering - Law - 01.02.2017
A pedelec drive system - To go!
A pedelec drive system - To go!
Research news Engineers at TUMCREATE in Singapore have developed an electric motor which can be easily attached to almost any bicycle, turning it into a pedelec (pedal electric cycle).

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 26.01.2017
Small but Mighty: Fruit Fly Muscles
Small but Mighty: Fruit Fly Muscles
Fruit flies are capable of impressive aerial maneuvers, as is grudgingly acknowledged by anyone who has unsuccessfully tried to swat away one of the familiar kitchen pests. Interestingly, the flies perform these nimble evasive movements using only 12 flight muscles, each controlled by one brain cell, or neuron.

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 24.01.2017
"Many people think Industry 4.0 is something you can buy off the shelf"
Research news The future of manufacturing belongs to Industry 4.0. Anyone not willing to accept it is seen as behind the times.

Mechanical Engineering - 19.01.2017
Protective wear inspired by fish scales
They started with striped bass. Over a two-year period the researchers went through about 50 bass, puncturing or fracturing hundreds of fish scales under the microscope, to try to understand their properties and mechanics better.

Mechanical Engineering - Economics / Business - 19.01.2017
Accelerating fuel-efficient car production with disruptive 3D print process
Engineers at The University of Nottingham are developing lightweight automotive components using new additive manufacturing processes to boost vehicle fuel efficiency, while cutting noise and CO2 emissions.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 19.01.2017
Kripa Varanasi: Innovating at interfaces
Kripa Varanasi: Innovating at interfaces
Ketchup's sluggish pace as it oozes out of its bottle is a longstanding nuisance - but one that is about to be upended by a new product coming to market.

Mechanical Engineering - Administration - 13.01.2017
Opinion: How we can make super-fast hyperloop travel a reality
Opinion: How we can make super-fast hyperloop travel a reality
Trains are getting increasingly faster, but as Professor Hugh Hunt from the Department of Engineering explains, the 'super-fast hyperloop' could soon see them matching air travel fo speed.

Mechanical Engineering - 13.01.2017
"What’s important to us is the overall concept, not just winning the competition"
Campus news It will be almost as fast as sound: the super-fast train of the future, also known as Hyperloop.

Computer Science - Mechanical Engineering - 13.01.2017
Creating 'big, beautiful things'
Creating ‘big, beautiful things’
Garrett Parrish grew up singing and dancing as a theater kid, influenced by his older siblings, one of whom is an actor and the other a stage manager.

Administration - Mechanical Engineering - 12.01.2017

Mechanical Engineering - 27.12.2016
New simulation software improves helicopter pilot training
New simulation software improves helicopter pilot training
Research news Missions at sea, in mountainous regions or close to skyscrapers are extremely risky for helicopter pilots.

Chemistry - Mechanical Engineering - 21.12.2016
New approach captures the energy of slow motion
Low-frequency mechanical energy harvesting could provide as much as 40 percent of the power requirements for next generation smartphones and tablets.

Mechanical Engineering - Astronomy / Space Science - 20.12.2016
Growing a network of role models
Growing a network of role models
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory loomed large for Marlyse Reeves from an early age. Growing up in Pasadena, California, in JPL's backyard, Reeves developed a love of all things outer space, and the lab was a regular destination for school field trips.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 19.12.2016
Electrifying news...nano-modified aerospace composites
Electrifying news...nano-modified aerospace composites
New technology that could enhance both the electrical and thermal conductivity of conventional composite materials has been developed thanks to a collaboration between the Universities of Surrey and Bristol together with aerospace company Bombardier. Carbon fibre composites, composed of reinforcing carbon fibres within a plastic, have revolutionised industries that demand strong, yet light materials.

Administration - Mechanical Engineering - 19.12.2016
Prof. Abdul Ghafoor Al-Shehabi to join Institute of Flight System Dynamics
Prof. Abdul Ghafoor Al-Shehabi to join Institute of Flight System Dynamics
Campus news Starting in January 2017, the Syrian scientist Prof. Abdul Ghafoor Al-Shehabi will conduct research as a guest professor at the Institute of Flight System Dynamics at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 16.12.2016
Movable microplatform floats on a sea of droplets
Movable microplatform floats on a sea of droplets
Microelectromechanical systems, or MEMS, are tiny machines fabricated using equipment and processes developed for the production of electronic chips and devices.