Southampton gets £1.4million to train future cancer scientists

Southampton gets 1.4m to train more doctors as clinical cancer scientists
Southampton gets 1.4m to train more doctors as clinical cancer scientists

The University of Southampton have been given a massive cash injection to train more doctors as clinical scientists dedicated to the fight against cancer.

Nearly £1.4million of funding was provided by Cancer Research UK to develop a new generation of experts working on life-saving treatments.

Clinician scientists play an essential role in translating cancer research - bridging the gap between the work carried out in laboratories and trials involving patients.

The money from Cancer Research UK will be used by academics from Southampton to provide PhD places and post-doctorate training.

Professor Andrew Davies, a cancer doctor at the University of Southampton, said the grant will help nurture a future generation of researchers pioneering cancer treatments.

He added: "Southampton has a strong track record of developing doctors to apply their clinical experience to our greatest scientific challenges to better understand cancer and improve therapies."

The University of Southampton is home to world-leading expertise across many areas of cancer research - from diagnosis to improving treatment and generating potential vaccines.

This includes the UK’s first dedicated Centre for Cancer Immunology.

Training to become a clinician scientist involves doctors taking time out of medical training to undertake a PhD, before returning to their chosen specialisation.

Many clinicians do not return to research after qualifying as consultants due to existing pressure on the healthcare system and lack of funding, according to Cancer Research UK.

Its chief executive Michelle Mitchell said: "Clinician scientists have an important role to play by bringing knowledge and experience of treating people with cancer to scientific research.

"We need all’our doctors and scientists to be able to reach their full potential, no matter their background."

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