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Health - Pharmacology - Dec 12, 2023
Health - Pharmacology

Sneezing on the bus, coughing on the streetcar, catching a cold at work - a record number of sick notes and wastewater analyses show an unprecedented viral load throughout Austria. The winter, and with it the new COVID-19 wave, has hit Austria hard. The virus, which has been keeping us on our toes since the beginning of 2020, is once again sweeping through the country, even if its progress is to be slowed down with the help of vaccinations and precautionary measures.

Health - Pharmacology - Nov 15, 2023

The use of nanotechnology offers numerous new possibilities in the development of medicines and the targeted release of active ingredients. One interesting innovation is the use of iron oxide nanoparticles with a special coating.

Health - Sep 12, 2023

Bone fractures due to osteoporosis are a major risk for the elderly. It is therefore all the more important to identify people at risk. An international team of authors with the participation of scientists from Med Uni Graz has analyzed how high the risk is of suffering a second bone fracture after the first: The risk is almost 90 percent higher.

Health - Pharmacology - Oct 20, 2023

A large EU-funded study with the participation of experts from Graz has now shown that the removal of the causative blood clot with a catheter intervention in severe strokes can save lives. "Even in patients with severe strokes, treatment using a catheter to open the vessel occlusion is successful. In almost 20 percent of the patients treated, death or the need for nursing care could be prevented by a corresponding procedure," the Hamburg University Hospital (UKE) now reported.