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Health - Sep 29
As early as 2018, a research team of the MedUni Vienna showed that strict avoidance of all types of fish is in fact only necessary for few fish-allergy sufferers. However, reliable tests to determine which types could be tolerated and eaten have not been available until now. In their current study, the researchers demonstrate that a new and effective diagnostic procedure. The results of the study were published in the renowned "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice".
Health - Sep 29

Since 2007, more than 60 scientific projects pertaining to tumours have been supported by donations from the MedUni Vienna Cancer Research Run. This year, the participants, partners and sponsors of the 16th Cancer Research Run will use their donations to support further promising research projects aiming to improve the diagnosis and therapy for cancer patients. The charity event will take place on 8 October between 10 am and 2 pm.

Health - Sep 27

Although SARS-CoV-2 infections mainly attack the lungs, in many cases they can also damage other organs, such as the colon: around 60% of patients experienced digestive tract impacts. Researchers at MedUni Vienna have analysed the manifestations of Covid-19 in the lungs and colon and pinpointed the differences at a molecular level. Their findings, recently published in the "International Journal of Molecular Sciences", form the basis for the identification of novel biomarkers and the development of new treatment strategies.

Health - Sep 26

With the increasing number of cancer survivors, the medical community is becoming increasingly aware of a hitherto less noticed health risk: cancer therapy-related cardiovascular disease. Meanwhile, cardiovascular disease triggered or exacerbated by cancer drugs ranks second among causes of long-term morbidity and mortality in cancer survivors. To mark World Heart Day on 29 September, Jutta Bergler-Klein from MedUni Vienna's Division of Cardiology is raising awareness of the importance of preventing cardiovascular disease, particularly among cancer patients.

Health - Sep 23

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) is an aggressive blood cancer that mainly affects children and adolescents, but it can also affect adults. A recent international study led by scientists from the Medical University Vienna and the Veterinary Medicine Vienna has now identified a new biomarker and effective therapeutic approach with the protein PDGFRβ and its downstream signaling pathway STAT3/5. According to the researchers, the inhibition of this axis promises a therapy with significantly improved prospects of success.

Health - Life Sciences - Sep 21

Pia Gattinger from MedUni Vienna's Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology has received the Life Science Research Award in the "Applied Research" category from the Austrian Society for Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT). She received the award for her work on the development of a novel COVID vaccine.

Health - Pharmacology - Sep 16

Undesirable side effects and interactions often occur if medication is combined adversely or dosed too high. This can lead to the point where a readmission to hospital is necessary. In order to provide patients with customised drug therapies tailored to their individual circumstances, Austria's first special outpatient clinic for drug therapy and interaction has been established at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at the AKH Vienna and MedUni Vienna. Recently, the services of the special outpatient clinic, which was already established at the AKH Vienna in 2017, have also been available to patients outside the AKH Vienna.

Health - Sep 15

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to changes in clinical routines throughout the world, including the preparation of children for anaesthesia. In order to minimise the infection risk, the only personal contact between anaesthetists and patients and their parents was immediately before the operation.

Health - Sep 13

Researchers at MedUni Vienna, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna and Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer Research demonstrate an anti-tumor effect of certain nature-derived cyclic peptides.

Health - Sep 28

Hitherto, scientists have not fully understood why ticks are such dangerous disease vectors. A research team led by Johanna Strobl and Georg Stary from MedUni Vienna's Department of Dermatology shows that tick saliva inhibits the skin's defence function, thereby increasing the risk of diseases such as tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) or Lyme disease. The study was recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Pharmacology - Campus - Sep 26

Edin Muratspahić, formerly a PhD candidate at MedUni Vienna's Institute of Pharmacology, has been awarded the Hans-Horst Meyer Prize 2021 by the Austrian Pharmacological Society. His award-winning paper, chosen by the jury, focused on the development of a potential new analgesic based on a naturally occurring molecule in sunflowers.

Health - Sep 26

MedUni Vienna has successfully completed the audit of its Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the University Quality Assurance Act and the Accreditation agency for study programmes in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS). The certification is unconditionally valid until 31 July 2029. In addition, MedUni Vienna has also received certification in various other departments of university operations, including for its diploma studies in human medicine and dentistry.

Health - Sep 23

A research team led by Matthias Preusser from MedUni Vienna's Division of Oncology had already demonstrated that cancer patients benefit from a third vaccination to protect them against COVID. A recent study now also supports fourth vaccination for this vulnerable group. However, passive immunisation by administering an antibody combination to cancer patients does not seem to provide adequate protection. The study has now been published in the top journal "JAMA Oncology".

Health - Life Sciences - Sep 16

Early detection of Alzheimer's disease is critical if patients are to receive timely and appropriate care and potential treatments and preventive measures are to be used to the best possible effect. Scientists have so far identified several important risk factors that may trigger or accelerate dementia. Up to 40% of cases could be prevented by avoiding these risk factors, explains dementia researcher Elisabeth Stögmann from MedUni Vienna. World Alzheimer's Day will take place on 21 September.

Health - Sep 15

One of Austria's largest medical training centres, the University Simulation Center Vienna, opened its doors about a year ago. Following many postponements due to the pandemic, the Simulation Center is being presented to the public for the first time on the 15th of September.

Health - Sep 14

A cancer diagnosis throws up a myriad of questions that cannot always be answered during the medical consultation due to time constraints. With their Cancer School CCC Vienna, cancer specialists from MedUni Vienna and University Hospital Vienna have set themselves the task of supporting patients and their families with factual information about the various aspects of the disease. The Cancer School starts on 5 October and people can attend in person in the lecture theatre or via livestream after registering at:

Health - Sep 12

Within the framework of the EU Horizon 2020 project "TTV GUIDE TX", MedUni Vienna was the first academic institution in Austria to submit a clinical trial to the Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) under Europe's new harmonised Clinical Trials Regulation (Regulation (EU) 536/2014). The project is investigating the management of immunosuppressive treatment following a kidney transplant by measuring levels of TT virus.

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