Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

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Location: Basel - North West Switzerland
Maulbeerstrasse 66, 4058 Basel

Category: Health

Understanding the mechanisms of disease

The Friedrich Miescher Institute is devoted to fundamental biomedical research aimed at understanding the basic molecular mechanisms of health and disease. We communicate and patent our findings to enable their translation into medical application. The FMI focuses on the fields of
  • Epigenetics
  • Growth control
  • Neurobiology
In these fields, the FMI has gained international recognition as a center of excellence in innovative biomedical research.

Training young scientists


Largest study of developmental microRNA dynamics uncovers mechanism of their regulation

Life Sciences - Feb 22
Life Sciences

Gene expression is controlled by numerous small RNA molecules called microRNAs, or miRNAs. However, specific functions of most miRNAs remain poorly understood. Working in worms, FMI researchers created an encyclopedia of miRNA dynamics during development, uncovering mechanisms of their regulation. The findings help to better understand typical development and may reveal how these tiny molecules contribute to disease when they become dysfunctional.

Congratulations to our 2023 fellows and prize winners

Throughout the year, FMI researchers secure competitive grants and fellowships, underscoring the caliber and promise of their work.

Cracking the secrets of virus ’uncoating’ may help fight infections

Health - Life Sciences

Influenza and other viruses pack their genetic material into a protein shell, which must be disassembled for the viruses to efficiently replicate. But how viruses 'uncoat' their genes remains largely unknown. Now, FMI researchers have identified crucial features of this uncoating process - work that may inform the development of new antiviral treatments.

’Mini-placentas’ shed light on early events that are key for a successful pregnancy

Life Sciences - Chemistry

The placenta provides oxygen and nutrients to a growing baby, but its early interactions with a mother's uterus remain an enigma.

Charlotte Soneson: embracing the command line

Spotlight on FMIers showcases the lives, work and passions of the institute's researchers and support staff.

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