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Physics - Administration - 22.03.2010
Helium rain on Jupiter explains lack of neon in atmosphere
Helium rain on Jupiter explains lack of neon in atmosphere
A slice through the interior of Jupiter shows the top layers that are depleted of helium and neon, the thin layer where helium drops condense and fall, and the deep interior where helium and neon again mix with metallic hydrogen. ( Burkhard Militzer graphic) On Jupiter, however, UC Berkeley scientists claim that helium rain is the best way to explain the scarcity of neon in the outer layers of the planet, the solar system's largest.

Health - Administration - 04.03.2010
Women's support groups improve newborn survival rates
Women’s support groups improve newborn survival rates
Women's community groups have had a dramatic effect on reducing neonatal mortality rates in some of the poorest areas on India, according to new UCL research. The study, published today in The Lancet , reports that the groups provide a cost-effective intervention with added benefits such as reducing significantly maternal depression and improving decision-making amongst the women.

Health - Administration - 03.03.2010
Project set to improve communication of stroke survivors
Stroke survivors in South Yorkshire are set to benefit from a unique project being launched by the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, which will aim to improve their communication skills. The CACTUS Project will assess whether people can improve their communication skills, regardless of the time since their stroke.

Health - Administration - 03.03.2010
Combination of Herceptin, Tykerb effective against certain gastric cancers, study finds
A combination of two targeted therapies already shown to be effective in breast cancer has been found to pack an effective one-two punch against a subset of gastric cancers with a specific genetic mutation, according to a study by UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. The drugs Herceptin and Tykerb, when given together, proved to significantly inhibit tumor growth in gastric cancers with amplified levels of HER2, a mutation that results in an aggressive form of the disease, causing the cancers to grow and spread faster.

Economics / Business - Administration - 16.02.2010
R&D expenditures by enterprises: sharp rise
R&D expenditures by enterprises: sharp rise
Private enterprises spent almost CHF 12 billion on research and development activities (R&D) they conducted in Switzerland in 2008.

Health - Administration - 10.02.2010
Hospital-based initiative helps close age-related gaps in care for stroke patients
Gaps in care and outcomes between older and younger ischemic stroke patients are diminishing as hospitals improve adherence to treatments outlined in the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association's Get With the Guidelines-Stroke initiative, according to a new UCLA study. The study was published online Feb.

Administration - Psychology - 04.12.2009
Most runaway teens return home with help of family ties, study finds
The teen years can be a tumultuous time, as many parents know, a time when adolescents begin to flex their mental muscles, testing boundaries and turning to peers rather than parents for advice. Sometimes emotions and arguments can become so intense that things get out of hand and the child runs away.

Administration - 11.11.2009
Rethinking Sexism: A Daughter-Father Team Examines How Society Maintains the Status Quo
November 12, 2009 — Coral Gables — There is a tendency to think that only men treat women in a sexist way, but a new study by a University of Miami researcher and his daughter shows that both men and women participate in maintaining a gender hierarchy in our society. The study, titled 'Social Dominance and Sexual Self-Schema as Moderators of Sexist Reactions to Female Subtypes,' was recently published by the journal of Sex Roles.

Law - Administration - 27.10.2009
What’s the most important thing to do when riding motorcycles?
October 28, 2009 — Coral Gables — One of the joys of riding a motorcycle is the freedom that comes with that form of travel. However the absence of physical barriers to protect riders puts motorcyclists at a higher risk of injury than other motorists. Motorcycle fatalities have been on the rise for many years, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Health - Administration - 29.09.2009
UC launches bold initiative to revolutionize breast cancer treatment
BERKELEY — The University of California, Berkeley, is one of six UC campuses participating in an unprecedented initiative to study and drive innovations in breast cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. The large-scale demonstration project, called the ATHENA Breast Health Network, was announced Tuesday, Sept.

Agronomy / Food Science - Administration - 21.08.2009
Daylight could help control our weight
Daylight could help control our weight
PA 220/09 Exciting research into Brown adipose tissue (BAT) — brown fat, which is found in abundance in hibernating animals and newborn babies — could lead to new ways of preventing obesity. Studies have already shown that BAT activity in adults is reduced with obesity. Therefore, promoting BAT function could prevent or reduce obesity in some people.

Health - Administration - 05.08.2009
Cash Counts for Nothing in PCT Performance
The amount of money spent in delivering maternity care in Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) does not have a significant impact on rates of infant or perinatal mortality, researchers at the University of Birmingham have found. Nick Freemantle, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, found that between 70% and 80% of variations between PCT infant and perinatal mortality can be explained by a combination of social deprivation, ethnicity and maternal age.

Health - Administration - 07.05.2009
New research at the University of Sheffield may hold clue to early-onset Parkinson´s
The Parkinson ´s Disease Society (PDS) has announced funding of nearly 240,000 towards research at the University of Sheffield which will look into the possibility of slowing down the onset of Parkinson's disease. Dr Oliver Bandmann and his team at the University will focus on the gene PARK 2, as this is associated with an inherited form of Parkinson´s disease that strikes at an early age, but can also result in Parkinson´s disease presenting later in life.
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