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Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 28.01.2016
Nanoscale materials for the Internet of Things
(CAMBRIDGE, Mass.) - With vehicles communicating with embedded monitors alongside roadways to better route traffic, and home appliances connected to the smart grid to improve efficiency and reliability, the Internet of Things (IOT) may generate more than $14 trillion in economic activity by 2025.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 28.01.2016
Powerful Materials
The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' Ismaila Dabo uses computer simulations to help design and improve the materials that bring us power.

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 26.01.2016
Supporting world-class engineering research
Supporting world-class engineering research
For 35 years Clive Hargreaves has helped maintain the unique facilities that make Imperial's civil engineering research among the best in the world.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 25.01.2016
Newfound strength in regenerative medicine
(CAMBRIDGE, Mass.) - Researchers in the field of mechanobiology are revealing new insights into how the body's physical forces and mechanics impact development, physiological health, and the prevention and treatment of disease.

Event - Mechanical Engineering - 25.01.2016
Laundry founders named Young Australians of Year
Laundry founders named Young Australians of Year
Selfless work creating change for homeless people has propelled a University of Queensland student to be named Young Australian of the Year Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Commerce student Lucas

Chemistry - Mechanical Engineering - 22.01.2016
Scientists tune polymer material's transparency
Scientists tune polymer material’s transparency
If you've ever blown up a balloon or pulled at a pair of pantyhose, you may have noticed that the more the material stretches, the more transparent it becomes. It's a simple enough observation: the thinner a material, the more light shines through.  Now MIT scientists have come up with a theory to predict exactly how much light is transmitted through a material, given its thickness and degree of stretch.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 20.01.2016
Self-heating lithium-ion battery could beat the winter woes
An all-climate battery that rapidly self-heats battery materials and electrochemical interfaces in cold environments UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 20.01.2016
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensing from mobile devices may help improve bus service
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensing from mobile devices may help improve bus service
On any given bus ride, a good share of passengers are reading, texting or rocking out to music on their phones or tablets.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 19.01.2016
Led team creates gallium nitride power diode
From left, researchers Kazuki Nomoto, Bo Song, Zongyang Hu, Vladimir Protasenko, Grace Xing and Debdeep Jena are pictured in Xing's Phillips Hall lab. On the left is the High Power Device Probe Station, where results of the team's gallium nitride experimentation were analyzed. A cutaway diagram of the gallium nitride power diode developed by a Cornell-based research team led by Huili (Grace) Xing, the Richard Lundquist Sesquicentennial Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 19.01.2016
Mechanical Quanta see the light
Mechanical Quanta see the light
Interconnecting different quantum systems is important for future quantum computing architectures, but has proven difficult to achieve.

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 13.01.2016
Sentera Teams with University of Minnesota to Create UAS Autopilot Development Toolkit
Sentera, LLC and the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering have developed a high-precision autopilot toolkit for use with unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 13.01.2016
Larissa Senatus learns about the world by doing
Larissa Senatus learns about the world by doing
Larissa Senatus has been immensely curious about the world around her ever since she was very young.

Mechanical Engineering - Chemistry - 12.01.2016
Blue skies ahead
This story has been reposted from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Bulletin While visiting Beijing in 2008, Jason Munster went for his customary morning run but started to feel sick soon after.

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 11.01.2016
£4m grant for cutting-edge sensor systems research
Work is beginning on a new research project led by four UK universities that aims to deliver smarter, more reliable sensor based systems. These are the systems that will determine the future success of smart cities, the internet of things, big data and self-driving vehicles. The Science of Sensor Systems Software (S4) project brings together researchers from the Universities of Glasgow, Liverpool and St Andrews, Imperial College London with expertise across computing, engineering, and mathematics, together with a range of private and public sector partners.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 08.01.2016
Oleg D. Sherby, professor of materials science and engineering, dies at 90
Hailed for the discovery of superplastic steel, Sherby was a professor at Stanford for 30 years. He was known on campus for his affable manner and for organizing volleyball matches and poker games.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 08.01.2016
Engineering professor named editor of human factors and ergonomics journal
UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. Ling Rothrock, associate professor of industrial engineering at Penn State, has been named the editor of the Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries journal. Established in 1990, the goal of the journal is to facilitate discovery, integration and application of scientific knowledge about human aspects of manufacturing and service enterprises, and to provide a forum for worldwide dissemination of such knowledge for applicable and beneficial use in industry.

Event - Mechanical Engineering - 07.01.2016
The future of 3D printing
TEDxESA talk at the European Space Agency on 11 November, 2015: No matter what you take with you when going up into space, it's going to be complicated and expensive.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 06.01.2016
Dr. Laura Niklason appointed the Nicholas Greene Professor
Dr. Laura E. Niklason, newly named as the Nicholas Greene Professor of Anesthesiology and Biomedical Engineering, is an internationally recognized researcher in cardiovascular tissue engineering.

Mechanical Engineering - Environment - 06.01.2016
What motivates people to walk and bike? It varies by income
What motivates people to walk and bike? It varies by income
Lowerand middle-income King County residents who live in denser neighborhoods - with stores, libraries and other destinations within easy reach - are more likely to walk or bike, according to new University of Washington research. But neighborhood density didn't motivate higher-income residents to leave their cars at home, the transportation engineers found.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 06.01.2016
Harnessing the energy of small bending motions
Harnessing the energy of small bending motions
For many applications such as biomedical, mechanical, or environmental monitoring devices, harnessing the energy of small motions could provide a small but virtually unlimited power supply.

Mechanical Engineering - Chemistry - 21.12.2015
Improving bulk metallic glass by maximizing surface
Yale University researchers have figured out a way to refine bulk metallic glasses to improve their electrochemical performance. Results of the research, based in the lab of chemical and environmental engineering professor André D. Taylor, are published in the Dec. 21 issue of Advanced Materials.

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 16.12.2015
Material to prevent brain injuries backed by NFL
Novel 3D-printed material developed by University researchers receives funding in NFL-backed Head Health Challenge Funding has been awarded to world-leading, US-based helmet designer and manufacturer, Roy Burek of Charles Owen Inc.

Religions - Mechanical Engineering - 15.12.2015
Class creates online ’soundscape’ of Cornell
Alyssa Kirsch, left, Jonathan Karseh and Leah DeWitt, all students in a "Sound, Silence and the Sacred" class visit the Laboratory of Ornithology to tour the Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds.

Economics / Business - Mechanical Engineering - 15.12.2015
Wireless sensors could make diesel engines greener
Wireless sensors could make diesel engines greener
Advances in wireless technology continue to pave the way for better consumer devices. In the future, however, wireless devices could also benefit the automotive industry, by helping diesel engines use less fuel while curbing soot and ash emissions.

Earth Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 14.12.2015
Cracks in abandoned wells could hinder carbon sequestration efforts
Penn State professors Zuleima Karpyn and Li Li are researching the impact of abandoned wells on underground carbon sequestration into saline aquifers. On the left is a piece of a cement well they recreated for laboratory testing; 'A' shows the well prior to sequestration, and 'B' shows the well eight days after sequestration.

Astronomy / Space Science - Mechanical Engineering - 11.12.2015
Vega graduates with perfect record
Europe's Vega light launcher is entering its commercial life boasting a flawless record and an impressive set of capabilities for a wide range of missions.

Physics - Mechanical Engineering - 11.12.2015
The Artificial Materials That Came in From the Cold
The Artificial Materials That Came in From the Cold
Berkeley Lab Researchers Develop Nature-Mimicking Freeze-casting Technique for Fabricating Advanced Porous Materials It has often been said that nature is history's greatest innovator and if that is

Administration - Mechanical Engineering - 09.12.2015
UK Government announces £138 million funding for world-class infrastructure research
UK Government announces £138 million funding for world-class infrastructure research
Inadequate infrastructure costs the nation £2 million a day, and extreme events can cost hundreds of millions more.

Mechanical Engineering - 09.12.2015
An eye for design
An eye for design
Are you a doodler or a scribe? Do you prefer pen and paper, or keyboard and mouse? Do you outline your thoughts, or let them flow freely? Maria Yang, an associate professor of mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering - 08.12.2015
Get your motor runnin’: Autonomous cars may spur young adults to hit the road
ANN ARBOR-The percentage of young adults without driver's licenses has been on the rise for more than 30 years, but self-driving vehicles may reverse that trend.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 08.12.2015
Bringing Designs to Life
Complex schematics for everything from diabetes research to osteoarthritis studies take shape inside the College of Engineering's high-tech Machine Shop.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 07.12.2015
Life-saving, 3D-printed airway splint steps closer to market
Life-saving, 3D-printed airway splint steps closer to market
ANN ARBOR-A new agreement opens the door for groundbreaking, 3D-printed technology that saved four babies' lives to help more children.

Computer Science - Mechanical Engineering - 07.12.2015
Untraceable communication -- guaranteed
Untraceable communication -- guaranteed
Anonymity networks, which sit on top of the public Internet, are designed to conceal people's Web-browsing habits from prying eyes.

Mechanical Engineering - Economics / Business - 04.12.2015
AMRC launches cutting-edge Factory 2050 advanced manufacturing research facility in Sheffield
One of the most advanced factories in the world has opened its doors in Sheffield.

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 04.12.2015

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 03.12.2015
Cranor Named Chief Technologist of Federal Trade Commission
Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez has appointed Carnegie Mellon University's Lorrie Faith Cranor , professor of computer science and engineering and public policy, as the agency's chief technologist.

Mechanical Engineering - Physics - 02.12.2015
President's Innovation Prize: The Fast Track to Social Entrepreneurism at Penn
President’s Innovation Prize: The Fast Track to Social Entrepreneurism at Penn
Scientists and engineers are engaged in a global race to make new materials that are as thin, light and strong as possible.

Environment - Mechanical Engineering - 01.12.2015
U-M receives $5.4M for energy efficiency projects
ANN ARBOR-Two new Department of Energy grants that total $5.4 million will let University of Michigan engineering researchers work on "transformational" engine and battery projects.

Event - Mechanical Engineering - 30.11.2015
Birmingham receives £21.7 million to build National Buried Infrastructure Facility
A £21 million award has been made to the University of Birmingham, as part of a capital investment by BIS to the UK Collaboratorium for Research in Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC), to build a National Buried Infrastructure Facility (NBIF).

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 30.11.2015
A better way to change the fate of stem cells
Researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have developed a new, more precise way to control the differentiation of stem cells into bone cells.

Life Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - 27.11.2015
Efforts to ’turbocharge’ rice and reduce world hunger enter important new phase
A long-term project aimed at improving photosynthesis in rice is entering its third stage, marking another step on the road to significantly increased crop yields that will help meet the food needs of billions of people across the developing world.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - 24.11.2015
A tumour you can unroll: engineers create new technology for understanding cancer growth
A team of U of'T engineers is unrolling the mysteries of cancer - literally. They have developed a way to grow cancer cells in the form of a rolled-up sheet that mimics the 3D environment of a tumour, yet can also be taken apart in seconds. The platform, described in a new Nature Materials paper, offers a way to speed up the development of new drugs and therapies and ask new questions about how cancer cells behave.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 23.11.2015
Opinion: Building Hitler’s supergun: the plot to destroy London and why it failed
Hugh Hunt (Department of Engineering) discusses the engineering behind the V-3 "supergun", the weapon that was meant to win the Second World War for Germany.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 19.11.2015
Turkey tips from an alumnus engineer: Q&A with Ming Tsai ’86
Before Ming Tsai became a celebrity chef known for fusing Eastern and Western cuisines, he was a mechanical engineering student at Yale.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 18.11.2015
Popular Science names 'Power Over Wi-Fi' one of the year's game-changing technologies
Popular Science names ’Power Over Wi-Fi’ one of the year’s game-changing technologies
University of Washington engineers have developed a novel technology that uses a Wi-Fi router - a source of ubiquitous but untapped energy in indoor environments - to power devices.

Mechanical Engineering - Computer Science - 18.11.2015
Media Statement
There have been a number of inaccurate media reports in recent days regarding Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute work in cybersecurity. Carnegie Mellon University includes the Software Engineering Institute, which is a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) established specifically to focus on software-related security and engineering issues.

Mechanical Engineering - Electroengineering - 17.11.2015
How to do 3000 years of research in one year
Aircraft engine expert and mechanical engineer Professor Richard Sandberg, in collaboration with General Electric, will use some of the world's fastest computers to complete 3000 years of research in a single year.

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 14.11.2015
A tour of U-Michigan’s new mechanical engineering research complex
ANN ARBOR-In custom ultra-low vibration chambers, University of Michigan researchers can conduct nanoscale experiments so precise that mere footsteps could disturb them if they were performed in a different space.

Art and Design - Mechanical Engineering - 13.11.2015
Contemporary Ensemble To Host Rare Performance of "Daniel Variations” and "Ballet Mecanique”
Contemporary Ensemble To Host Rare Performance of "Daniel Variations” and "Ballet Mecanique”-CMU News - Carnegie Mellon University By Dana Casto / School of Music / 412-268-4921 / dcasto

Mechanical Engineering - Economics / Business - 10.11.2015
New ATI-funded £5.6m aerospace project announced by Business Minister
The University of Nottingham is to lead a new aerospace project to provide a unique national testing facility for the development of safer, greener aerospace engines.
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