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History/Archeology - 16.04
Professeure ou professeur en histoire des francophonies nord-américaines Université de Laval
Health - 12.04
Tenure-track Faculty Position in Periodontics Université de Laval
Politics - 05.04
Tenure-track Faculty Position in Globalization Issues Université de Laval
Pedagogy - 26.03
Professeure ou professeur en physiothérapie Université de Laval
Pedagogy - 26.03
Professeure ou professeur en orthophonie Université de Laval
Health - 26.03
Professor in physiotherapy Université de Laval
Linguistics/Literature - 20.03
Professeure ou professeur en littérature québécoise Université de Laval
Economics - 08.03
Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Accounting Université de Laval
Economics - 08.03
Professeure ou professeur en comptabilité Université de Laval


Making virtual lighting more realistic for humans

Computer Science

Doctoral student Justine Giroux is working on a virtual lighting quality assessment system that takes human perception into account. The Research Samples series recounts the experiences of members of the student research community. They share a glimpse into their graduate projects. Justine Giroux, a doctoral student in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, is interested in the human perception of virtual lighting, which is used in a number of artistic fields.

Environment - Mar 26

Montmorency Forest: birds are nesting later and later


Despite earlier springs in North America, migratory birds are nesting 2 to 4 weeks later than 25 years ago at the Université Laval teaching and research forest.

Health - Mar 4

The month following a fracture is critical for the elderly

Despite a very high mortality rate during this period, only one in five patients would receive counseling before leaving the hospital.

Women and men unequal when it comes to the stress of teleworking

Social Sciences

The stress factors associated with working at home affect women and men differently, and these effects vary greatly from Quebec to France.

Counter the loss of organic soil with straw and wood shavings

Agronomy & Food Science

Karolane Bourdon, a doctoral student at Université Laval's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, shows that the application of straw or wood shavings could regenerate soils and restore their yield.

Environment - Dec 21, 2023

Wolves of Northern Quebec: from sedentary to migratory


The Northern Québec caribou is the longest migrating land mammal in North America. The wolf is literally right behind it.

Social Sciences - Dec 19, 2023

Offenders: age counts in the rehabilitation process

Social Sciences

Researchers show that it's hard for young men who have been in prison to give up crime.

Infertility in dairy cows: from father to daughter

Agronomy & Food Science

Declining fertility in dairy cows could be mitigated by taking into account the epigenetic profile of the "fathers".

Health - Mar 11

Replacing some refined sugar with maple syrup would reduce metabolic harm


In mice, partial substitution reduces refined sugar digestion, intestinal glucose absorption and lipid accumulation in the liver.

Economics - Feb 29

How to survive the arrival of a mega-retailer like Walmart


Study shows that new, small retail businesses in non-metropolitan cities can hold their own against a giant by selling complementary products and offering personalized service.

Life Sciences - Feb 27

Skin aging: a synergy between cigarette smoke and sunlight

Life Sciences

Combined exposure of the skin to cigarette smoke and UV rays could accelerate premature aging.

Less red meat and more legumes reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Agronomy & Food Science

Replacing a daily serving of processed red meat with a serving of legumes or nuts reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 41%.

Health - Dec 20, 2023

Augmented reality can reduce preoperative anxiety in children


An intervention developed at the CHU de Québec - Université Laval helps children cope with the stress preceding surgery.

Health - Dec 18, 2023

Post-caesarean delivery: easier choice for women and reduced risks


An intervention developed at Laval University makes it possible to offer the right type of delivery, to the right patient, at the right time.

Music - Dec 7, 2023

Singing, a good exercise for maintaining speech quality


Singing, at any age, can improve accuracy and speed of elocution during complex tasks .