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Economics - Mar 24

Canadians should consider dividing their money between banks if needed The recent collapse of banks in the United States and this week's intervention by the Swiss government to facilitate the takeover of banking giant Credit Suisse might have some worried about a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis.

Environment - Mar 24

New report defines our understanding of the climate crisis and shapes our sustainable future Waterloo Climate Institute and Faculty of Environment After a six-year process, the leading world body for the assessment of climate change, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has released their final Synthesis Report that summarizes what we know about climate change and how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Health - Mar 23

System can effectively monitor activities such as sleeping, eating and frequency of bathroom use E ngineers are harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and wireless technology to unobtrusively monitor elderly people in their living spaces and provide early detection of emerging health problems.

Economics - Mar 22

Waterloo finance researcher explains the current bank collapses in the US and Europe. By Jon Parsons University Relations The recent collapse of banks in the United States and this week's intervention by the Swiss government to facilitate the takeover of banking giant Credit Suisse might have some worried about a repeat of 2008.

Inclusive and accessible education means prioritizing accommodation By Jon Parsons University Relations Creating an accessible university is about planning and designing a campus and a student experience that is barrier free.

Transport - Mar 20

Waterloo engineers help design and build one-of-a-kind electric car as part of Project Arrow. By John Roe Faculty of Engineering An all-Canadian electric vehicle caused a sensation when it was unveiled at the Toronto International Auto Show last month.

Career - Mar 16

Employees may feel pressure to continue working to get everything done on time Heavy workloads make employees feel a greater need for a break, but new research finds they may actually discourage employees from taking breaks at work despite causing high levels of stress, fatigue, and poor performance.

Jennisha Wilson applies intersectional and trauma-informed lenses to support anti-racism work across campus. By Tracelyn Cornelius University Relations Many universities struggle with dismantling systemic racism and bias in their policies, practices and culture.

Environment - Mar 24

Pantonium's on-demand transit model is helping cities accelerate their energy transition. By Stephanie Longeway University Relations Have you ever seen an empty bus drive by? It can be a common occurrence especially during off-peak hours or in less populated areas.

Economics - Mar 23

Two deep tech companies, developed out of University of Waterloo research, launch beyond Velocity By Naomi Grosman Velocity The region's tech startup roots have deepened further now that two companies, Halion and H2nanO , have launched out of Velocity and into their own lab spaces.

Research Management - Mar 22

Traditional strengths in STEM subject areas complemented by showings in hospitality and leisure studies and environmental sciences. By Jon Parsons University Relations The University of Waterloo rose three spots in the rankings of the best schools for computer science to take 22nd globally.

Architecture - Mar 20

Financial firms have moved in on Montreal's rental housing market New research indicates that a small percentage of financial landlords, like private equity firms and institutional investors, own four times more of Montreal's rental housing stock than was previously estimated.

Campus - Mar 17

At least one washroom in almost every building on campus will soon be designated for use by all genders  . University Relations In close cooperation with the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association and the Glow Centre, the University of Waterloo is making campus more inclusive for Two-Spirit, Trans, Non-Binary and gender non-conforming members of the campus community by increasing access to all-gender washrooms.

Environment - Mar 16

Professor Christian Euler is transforming CO2 into bio-made and eco-friendly products. By Angelica Marie Sanchez University Relations Modern society relies on the products of traditional manufacturing processes: plastics, fuels, solvents, etc.

Innovation - Mar 14

ChatGPT is breaking new ground in conversational AI but professor says it can't be trusted - yet. By Charlotte Danby Faculty of Engineering The release of ChatGPT, a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) created by OpenAI, has refreshed debates on the ethical creation and use of new technologies.

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