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Advance in light-based computing shows capabilities for future smart cameras

Innovation - Apr 11

Science + Technology UCLA-developed experimental device demonstrates ability to reduce glare in images Key takeaways. Optical computing research aims to produce energy-efficient technologies that use particles of light, called photons, in ways conceptually similar to how electronic computers use electrons.

Innovation - Apr 11

Pessimistic view of the future influences the transition to parenthood

New sociological research from Tilburg University shows that a pessimistic view of the future in which the next generation will grow up influences young people's decision to enter parenthood. "For people with a pessimistic view of the future, it does not stop at just talking. They are actually less likely to make the transition to parenthood."

Career - Apr 8

Prioritising your phone over your partner affects creativity in the workplace for women


Digital distraction undermines partner support that fosters creativity at work.

Innovation - Apr 1

Does technology help or hurt employment?

Combing through 35,000 job categories in U.S. census data, economists found a new way to quantify technology's effects on job loss and creation.

Economics - Mar 28

Is it the school, or the students?

Study shows perceptions of "good" schools are heavily dependent on the preparation of the students entering them.

Innovation - Mar 27

New process for the production of semiconductors


The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and the Finnish company PiBond to collaborate in the commercialization of advanced EUV semiconductor lithography products.

Career - Apr 10

The evolving attitudes of Gen X toward evolution

Study: The acceptance of evolution: A developmental view of Generation X in the United States (DOI: 10. As the centennial of the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 approaches, a new study illustrates that the attitudes of Americans in Generation X toward evolution shifted as they aged.

Career - Apr 4

One-third of ride-share drivers have had a crash on the job, survey finds 

One-third of ride-share drivers surveyed in a new study reported being involved in a crash while working. Using a cellphone, driving while tired or driving on unfamiliar roads increased the likelihood of a crash, according to the study by University of Illinois Chicago researchers.

Innovation - Apr 1

Most work is new work, long-term study of U.S. census data shows

The majority of U.S. jobs are in occupations that have emerged since 1940, MIT research finds - telling us much about the ways jobs are created and lost.

Economics - Mar 27

Avoiding the gifts-in-kind trap - new research shows how influencers can make their work pay


#Knowyourworth - study identifies three key elements to commercial success and meaningful work.

Career - Mar 26

’You were the only one, from the beginning, who really talked to me.’

Independent guardians who support young survivors of child trafficking are crucial to their protection, safety and recovery in an increasingly difficult environment, analysis shows.

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Researcher ’Agent-Based Modelling and Policy Evaluation’ Agroscope, Ettenhausen
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Endowed Professorship for "Smart Sustainable Timber Construction" (m/f/d) Fachhochschule Kärnten, Spittal
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Assistant Professor Interactive Intelligence Delft University of Technology
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Assistant / Associate Professor Opto-Mechanical System Design Delft University of Technology
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