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Computer Science - Jul 19
Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a burgeoning technology increasingly being leveraged in the biomedical space. And it's not just for devices - 3D printing is being used increasingly to print organic tissues and soft materials, such as elastomers. While 3D printing soft materials, such as with silicone or proteins, offers many distinct advantages, it introduces many complicated variables to consider when creating new parts or materials.
Physics - Jul 19

Adjusting the thermal conductivity of materials is one of the challenges nanoscience is currently facing.

Astronomy - Jul 18

Professor Schreiber, how big an impression did the Moon landing make on you when you were young? It wasn't just the Moon landing as such.

Physics - Jul 17

Scientists have visualized the electronic structure in a microelectronic device for the first time, opening up opportunities for finely tuned, high-performance electronic devices.

Physics - Jul 18

Scientists at Berkeley Lab have made a new material that is both liquid and magnetic, opening the door to a new area of science in magnetic soft matter.

Astronomy - Jul 17

Fifty years ago, NASA astronauts stepped off Apollo 11 and delivered what instantly became the most precious rock on Earth: nearly 50 pounds of dust and rock fragments from the surface of the moon. Suddenly, the wildest dreams of geoscientists had come true, as tiny pieces of the first rocks collected on another celestial body made their way to labs across the U.S. for analysis.

Physics - Jul 17

W hat's thinner than a human hair but has a depth of special traits' A multitasking graphene device developed by researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).

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