Social Sciences and Psychology

Happily ever after

Psychology - Apr 18

Many people aspire to a successful partnership. But is this success determined by destiny, or does it result from working on the relationship? Researchers from the University of Basel have investigated the role of people's inner convictions on how they approach a relationship and how satisfaction develops over time.

Psychology - Apr 17

Younger Canadians are more prone to self-judgment, SFU study finds


A study by Simon Fraser University psychologists that examined different facets of mindfulness in Canadians has found that youth and adolescents are m

Psychology - Apr 9

Who does what better: a non-binary view

A research team led by UdeM's Robert-Paul Juster has shown that performance on some cognitive tasks is better predicted by gender identity than by sex assigned at birth.

Politics - Apr 5

A new socio-ecological class conflict?


The climate crisis, farmers' protests, the rise of right-wing parties, ongoing disputes in government, wars in Ukraine and the Middle East: the cri

Puppets could offer valuable support for autistic teenagers

Social Sciences

Puppets could potentially provide autistic teens with a tool to communicate, express their identity and interact socially in ways that are uniquely th

Characterizing social networks

A new method to measure homophily in large group interactions offers insights into how groups might interact in the future.

There are benefits - and risks - to pornography

A new study reveals that viewing porn can either help or hinder sexual satisfaction, depending on the type of content. Consuming pornography can lead to improved sexual satisfaction - or it can be detrimental to it, as different content types are associated with different outcomes.

Sport - Apr 8

A friendly pat on the back can improve performance in basketball


A free throw in basketball will have every eye glued to one person. It's an intensely stressful situation. A research team led by the University of Basel studied whether a friendly tap on the shoulder increases the odds of making a shot.

Connection the key to retaining rural GPs

Social Sciences

A supportive workplace, work-life balance and a connection to rural communities are all key to retaining doctors in rural and remote areas of Austr

Netflix misses the mark by trivializing teenagers’ pain

Social Sciences

UCalgary-led research discovers movies and TV series aimed at adolescents reinforce gender and racialized pain stereotypes.

For Professional Women, Having High-Status Connections Can Backfire

New research conducted in China and the United States suggests that having high-status connections can backfire for women. The study, by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Michigan, appears in  Organization Science.

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