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Mechanical Engineering - Research Management - 28.06.2022
New method based on smart materials for experimenting with cells
New method based on smart materials for experimenting with cells
Scientists from 4D-BIOMAP, an ERC research project at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), have developed a new experimental method, based on magneto-active polymers, to study cellular behaviour. These compounds, which consist of a polymeric matrix (e.g., an elastomer) containing magnetic particles (e.g., iron), mechanically react by changing their shape and stiffness.

Chemistry - Research Management - 25.05.2022
Chemists use light energy to produce small molecular rings
In the search for new active agents in medicine, molecules whose atoms are linked in rings are becoming increasingly important. Such ring systems have particularly suitable properties for producing such active agents and they are driving the development of innovative treatments for malignant tumours, as well as for neurodegenerative and infectious diseases.

Physics - Research Management - 11.04.2022
Photon-photon interactions in the Standard Model and beyond: New research unit at JGU granted DFG funding
Photon-photon interactions in the Standard Model and beyond: New research unit at JGU granted DFG funding
A pure quantum effect as the key to a better understanding of the subatomic world / New research program in Mainz bundles a wide range of expertise In classical physics, the superposition of light waves resulting in interference is a well-known phenomenon. An interaction of light rays in the sense of a scattering is, however, classically impossible.

Career - Research Management - 07.04.2022
Four ERC Consolidator Grants for KU Leuven researchers
Four ERC Consolidator Grants for KU Leuven researchers
The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded its Consolidator Grants. Four KU Leuven researchers are among this year's recipients: bioscience engineer Rob Ameloot, theologist Christina Kreinecker, pediatric nephrologist Elena Levtchenko, and astronomer Jon Sundqvist.

Life Sciences - Research Management - 18.03.2022
New findings on the internal clock of the fruit fly
New findings on the internal clock of the fruit fly
Light as a regulator: Team of researchers demonstrates role of transport proteins in the synchronisation of circadian rhythms Most living organisms have an internal clock which, among other things, controls the sleep-wake rhythm. The internal rhythm lasts approximately one day ("circadian"), i.e. about 24 hours, and is regulated by means of various "clock genes".

Research Management - 23.02.2022
Journal agreements make Western research more accessible†
Western Libraries has reached licencing deals with academic publishers so that more research is in open-access journals. Photo by Bernd Klutsch of Unsplash When professor Johanna Weststar's most recent research paper was done, reviewed, revised and accepted into her preferred academic journal, just one more question remained: open access or closed? If closed (or subscription) access, publication fees would cost her $5,000.

Astronomy / Space Science - Research Management - 23.02.2022
Colossal black holes locked in dance at heart of galaxy
Colossal black holes locked in dance at heart of galaxy
Caught in an epic cosmic waltz, two supermassive black holes appear to be orbiting around each other every two years. A team of researchers has discovered the pair of supermassive black holes caught in the act of merging 13 billion light-years away. The two massive bodies are each hundreds of millions of times the mass of our sun and span a distance roughly fifty times the size of our own solar system.

Research Management - 21.02.2022
Journalists tend to temper, not exaggerate, scientific claims, U-M study shows
While splashy clickbait headlines touting the power of chocolate to cure everything from acne to cancer are certainly attention grabbers, these articles may not be commonplace in science communication. A University of Michigan large-scale study of uncertainty in science communications indicates that journalists tend to temper-not exaggerate-scientific claims.

Research Management - 31.01.2022
UdeM signs the Declaration on Research Assessment
UdeM signs the Declaration on Research Assessment
UdeM has signed DORA to support the development and promotion of best practices in university research assessment. Universitť de Montrťal has joined the 21,000 signatories of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), a global initiative to make the research ecosystem fairer and more inclusive, while underscoring the vital role of scholarly journals in the dissemination of research findings.

Research Management - Health - 17.11.2021
Nine Waterloo researchers among the most cited in the world
Highly anticipated list identifies a "who's who" of influential researchers A major annual publication has recognized nine University of Waterloo faculty members as being among the most cited in the word. A list published by the global analytics firm Clarivate identifies researchers who demonstrated "significant influence in their chosen field or fields through the publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade." Their names are drawn from the publications that rank in the top one per cent by citations for field and publication year in the company's global citation index.

Earth Sciences - Research Management - 27.10.2021
Fluid-Mineral Interactions in Rock
Fluid-Mineral Interactions in Rock
Heidelberg geoscientists test new methods to understand the effects of rupture processes in the Earth's interior Spontaneous mineral growth and dissolution in the rock of the Earth's crust, until now observed only by chance and never described or systematically studied, are the focus of a new research project at Heidelberg University.

Research Management - 25.10.2021
Hospices ’overlooked’ during key moments of pandemic
New research by University of Warwick researchers highlights the challenges faced by hospices in West Midlands Early findings of a new research project have found that hospices in the West Midlands felt they were "overlooked" at key moments during the pandemic. Researchers from the Universities of Warwick, Sheffield and Hertfordshire, alongside end of life charity Marie Curie, are investigating the impact of the pandemic on hospices across the West Midlands region, in a bid to use the findings to improve clinical practice for people dying now and in the future.

Research Management - 19.10.2021
New report reveals hidden complexities of uplift for Universal Credit claimants
New report reveals hidden complexities of uplift for Universal Credit claimants
A new IPR policy brief suggests that the way the Universal Credit uplift was experienced highlights hidden complexity at the heart of the benefit calculation. Last updated on Tuesday 19 October 2021 A new report released today [Tuesday 19 October] shows that the cut in benefit caused by the withdrawal of the £20 uplift in Universal Credit will have a significant impact, especially for claimants without other sources of income.

Health - Research Management - 15.10.2021
Contraceptive pill can reduce type 2 diabetes risk in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, finds study
A study led by the University of Birmingham has revealed for the first time that the contraceptive pill can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by over a quarter in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The research findings also show that women with PCOS have twice the risk of developing type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes (dysglycemia) - highlighting the urgent need to find treatments to reduce this risk.

Astronomy / Space Science - Research Management - 12.10.2021
Strange radio waves emerge from direction of the galactic centre
Strange radio waves emerge from direction of the galactic centre
International student Ziteng Wang detected unusual signals from deep in the heart of the Milky Way using CSIRO's ASKAP radio telescope. Now astronomers are on the search for more evidence of what type of object could be emitting them. Astronomers have discovered unusual signals coming from the direction of the Milky Way's centre.

Physics - Research Management - 31.08.2021
Aloof neutrons may actually ’talk’ to one another briefly in new kind of symmetry
UChicago Board of Trustees' gift launches new $200 million commitment to undergraduate financial aid and educational access Even though neutrons love to partner with protons to make the nucleus of an atom, the particles have always been notorious for their reluctance to bind with each other. But according to a new proposed theory, these particles might communicate under certain circumstances, forming a new sort of 'unparticle'-which could offer evidence of a new kind of symmetry in physics.

Social Sciences - Research Management - 21.07.2021
Major study of racial inequality in UK film industry
UCL is launching a major £1m research project into the links between racism, racial inequality, diversity and policy in the UK film industry, working closely with the British Film Institute (BFI), the UK's lead organisation for film and the moving image. The Colour of Diversity: A Longitudinal Analysis of BFI Diversity Standards Data and Racial Inequality in the UK Film Industry i s'a three-year research study that will explore the true nature of the presence, representation and experiences of Black and minority ethnic identities within the UK film industry.

Environment - Research Management - 15.07.2021
Open access to Eawag's research results
Open access to Eawag’s research results
Open Science is an important development in science - open access to the results of research. Eawag supports these and makes a growing part of its research data, including descriptions, images and even software, available publicly and free of charge on the Eawag platform ERIC or, in special cases, on discipline-specific, international databases.

Research Management - Campus - 21.05.2021
A New Replication Crisis: Research that is Less Likely to be True is Cited More
Papers that cannot be replicated are cited 153 times more because their findings are interesting, according to a new UC San Diego study Papers in leading psychology, economic and science journals that fail to replicate and therefore are less likely to be true are often the most cited papers in academic research, according to a new study by the University of California San Diego's Rady School of Management.

Mathematics - Research Management - 22.04.2021
ERC Advanced Grants for two research projects by Humboldt-Universitšt
Bernd U. Schipper from the Faculty of Theology and Bruno Klingler from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences receive a total of 4.3 million euros of funding Dr. Bernd U. Schipper, professor for History of Israel in its Ancient Near Eastern Context, and his team receive a total amount of 2.5 million euros for their project DEMBIB through an Advanced Grant by the European Research Council (ERC).